What else I found in the yard this morning……


……a sprouting potato that I buried under a foot of straw many weeks ago.  I had almost given up on it.  As soon as it stays warm, I’ve got some other plants that I’m going to bury there.  I wonder how sweet potatoes would do?

I was dreading going to the DMV this morning.  I just knew I was going to be there for hours.  To my surprise, I was only in there for 20 minutes and the cost was about a 10th of what I had thought it would be.  Phew….that had me stressed out all day yesterday.  I’m sure glad that’s over with.  Now I need to get my emissions done to the Evil Twin some time next week and I’ll be able to do the rest online.  That reminds me, I better apply for a DMV pin number so that I can actually do that.  It usually takes a week for it to come in by mail.

Last night I took my laptop to work to see if I could upload my photos, but nnnooooo, it didn’t work.  The part of the site for the photos was blocked. 

Turns out that I am off on Sunday.  Woohoo, I'm going to go see my Mom.  After she hugs, kisses, feeds, and spanks me, I know I will be feeling a lot better.  Got to get out of this gloomy mood that I’m in.  I’m missing the days that I could just pack up my car, get away, and start over.

What are those green little round things?

My very first, ever tomatoes :)

So....am I supposed to clip off the first flowers to make the plants spread out more?  Or is that just certain plants?

I spent all morning chasing houses and cars all over in Woodbridge and in Haymarket and just finished uploading my report and photos. My bandwidth is getting up there ....almost 4GBs, so I'm taking my laptop to work tonight to try and upload a ton of photos for 4 commercial inspections.  I hope it all goes well.  It will be a real relief if I can get it done.  I sure don't want to go over my limit again!! :(

I might have Sunday off, I'm not sure yet, but if I am, I'll go to hug my Mom's neck for a while.

Tomorrow I'll spend most of the morning at the DMV getting new stickers for the license plates.  I hope that it won't take all day, but I've put the time on the side ....just in case.

I've got about 45 minutes to catch up on the blogs, then it's off to work at Miller's.

It's been a busy week....can't wait until it's over. :)

No Farm, No Food

On my way back from an inspection in Leesburg yesterday morning, I passed by the Burnside Farm stand.  I happened to see a young woman putting plants on the table and I decided to make a u-turn and check it out.
The young woman was Katie, whom I had spoken to about buying eggs about a month ago.  She was busy getting the stand ready by uncovering the plants.  It had been a rough couple of days due to the heavy winds and rain that we had.

I belong to a Fauquier County group on Yahoo and somebody was looking for Stepables.  When I first read that I had no idea what they were talking about.   LOL....now I know.  I wonder if they would grow in front of my trailer where the ground is bare.   I'll have to ask the next time I stop by.

The colors were breath taking. :)

Inside the green house.  Lots of sprouting going on.  When I walked in, it was like getting hit by a cloud of perfume.

Hard to believe that we were under three foot of snow a little over a month ago.

Burnside Farm is located at:
4905 James Madison Hwy
Haymarket, VA 20169

If you have any questions, give Katie a call at:

See you soon, Katie :)

Well...time to get ready to go to Reston for another inspection.  I'm still riding around with my Poang chair in my car.  It looks like I have a buyer, but not until Saturday.

Verizon….Rat Bastard of the year


Remember last month when T-Jay had computer problems?  I ended up reformatting his desktop and my laptop. During installation of programs that we both use, we upgraded our Verizon VZAccess Manager to the latest one.

T-Jay and I have been using our Verizon phones for two years to get internet on our computers.  The charge was $10 per month, per phone, unlimited use.

In these two years, once a month I click “pay” on my bank’s website.  The amount is always the same since we never go over our phones minutes and mostly use the unlimited texts.  So as always I just clicked to pay.  The payment was late so I figured that my payment had not hit the total of the months bill….and never dawned on me until I called Verizon to see what had happened to last months payment, that we now had a limit on our bandwidth.  The customer service rep said that the 5 GB limit had been in use for two years now.  I ask her how this could be,  I have never been charged for overage all this time until now.  Rat Bastard Liars!!!

Needless to say, T-Jay and I are now keeping a tight eye on our usage…like white on rice!  Rat Bastards!!

Happy Monday :)

It’s been a rough week!

It took three days to finish my taxes.  Next year I’m going to have some one else do it.  It’s just getting too nerve-wracking.  I kept on going over and over it to make sure that I didn’t forget something.  Then this morning I went over the federal again and realized that I did have to send in the paper copies.  Oh well, luckily I only owe them 6 bucks.

Ha, the only one having a good time with my taxes seems to be my pussy.  Here she is watching  the papers print.

CIMG6614 CIMG6615

The daytime receptionist at Miller’s was off last Thursday and Friday, so I took her place.  Long days, but I can use the money.  Thursday 9 hours, Friday 12 hours, Saturday 9 hours and yesterday 5 hours.

I’m sure sorry I missed out on the Scion iQ and tC  unveiling in Baltimore, MD yesterday.  Cyndi, Kenny, Aaron, Leah and Teya went to the event.  Kenny brought back some pictures and I think I’m in love with the iQ…..


CIMG6603 Wonder how much that baby is going to cost when it finally hits the stores.

…..and here is the new tC…..




I’ve been swamped with commercial inspections lately and have five of them lined up in the next week and a half.  The first one is tomorrow.  Car chases have been slow.  I’m sure that some one new undercut my rates trying to get their foot in the door.  Oh well, I’m not doing them any cheaper. Fuel is back up to $2.77 - $2.89 a gallon and they’re talking about it going up some more in the next couple of months.

I think some of my little plants died because they got a little bit too cold in the last couple of night.  I should have brought them in, but by the time I made it home the last few days, I was beat and didn’t even think about it.  I’ll just have to try again.

I put my Poang chair back up on Craigslist where I got it from.  I should have known that my back would not agree with it and didn’t notice it until I sat in it for a couple of hours one night last week. 

I’m still GMO and dairy free.  I’m sure I would not be feeling this good with the crazy week that I’ve had if I hadn’t changed the way I eat.  No more sleepiness in the afternoon which is really awesome.  I have so much more energy.  The most amazing thing is that the scars from previous boils have almost disappeared.  I always hated the bruised, redish, purple discolorations on my skin.

Well, I think you’re all caught up now. :)

Mudd Porch?

First I removed the tables, plants and Kenny moved my existing little stepping area.



Then came the new step/porch and the heavy equipment. :)



…….and taddaaaaa……here is my new step/porch/mudd porch….whatever in all it’s awesomeness keeping me from tracking mud and dirt into my home. :)



I love it!  So much better and much more stable than the other rig-up I had.

It’s been raining for a couple of hours now.  I went outside with my flash light a few minutes ago and saw that all my plants are pepping up.  I’m so happy!!!  They were looking so sad this afternoon and I thought that they would probably not make it.

I’m going to pick up some tires for some potatoes this weekend.  I can’t wait!! 

Sunday will be my last day off until next month, so I’m going to have a lot of catching up to do.  Oh and yeah…….taxes.  I did it again and put it off until the last minute.  Looks like Sunday will be  a busy day for me.   Oh well….maybe next year I won’t wait so long.  Shit, I always say that!


My Mom called me yesterday morning to tell me that she found some curtains while she was cleaning out a closet.  I was so excited that I had to drop everything and drive over there to get them.  What a beautiful drive it was….all back roads.  Everything is greening and it’s hard to believe that everything was under a couple of foot of snow a month ago.





I love the new curtains!!!





This is a sure sign of summer when my pussy is laid out on the floor instead of curled up somewhere.


I received some good news over the weekend.  I’m getting my hours back at Millers.  From now on I will go in at 3 PM and will have my full 40 hour week back.  I’m glad that I hung in there. :)

The plants that I put out in pots on Monday are still kind of iffy.  Looks like the cucumbers and tomatoes are doing fine, but I’m not sure about the ones that my pussy assaulted.  Oh well, if they kick the bucket, I’ll just have to start over.

I have been almost totally free of  GMOs for the past 4 weeks.  I’m saying almost because there’s always a chance that I’m missing something.  I’m feeling awesome and have not even had a hint of a boil developing.  Usually at around 4 PM every day I get really sleepy and just worn out feeling, no matter how much sleep I get the night before.  This has gone away too. :) When I went to my Mom’s last Sunday, I had some butter on a bun and some milk in my coffee.  Not five minutes later my head was stuffed up.  No more dairy products for me!!

The smoking is still a problem.  I have cut down and a pack lasts me about 3 days.  No smoke breaks during work hours.  I just haven’t been able to put them down completely, rat bastards.

Time to get the plants in the ground and out of the house before…..

bad ass pussy destroys everything.  :(


Some of the plants were trying to get out of the baggies, so I decided to open them up until I got a chance to plant them.  Well, Silly bit off all the tops to the plants…..every one of them!!   I was so upset with her.   I hope that the plants are still going to be okay.




Stopped by my Mom and Pops to hug their necks yesterday.    We were sitting outside drinking coffee and had a huge bumble bee for company.  I can’t believe the photos actually turned out.



Then there was this weird animal in their back yard.


Before I left, I cleaned out my Mom’s gardening closet.  She had a lot of pots that she doesn’t use anymore which I was more than happy to take off of her hands.

After I got home last night, I guess because my Mom and I were talking about it, I got the nesting bug again and rearranged my living area again.


It’s sad that I ALREADY had to put the fan in the window.  We seem to be going from one extreme to another.  No easing into the summer this year.


I’m leaving here early today.  I want to stop by and give T-Jay his birthday hug before I go in to work. :)

Tidying up the yard a bit

Remember these valances?  I was about ready to put them in the trash, but changed my mind.


I’ll screw the pieces together when I get a chance and fill them up with dirt.  Keeps me from buying anything. :)


Removed some of the straw from around the trailer and removed the straw from the walk area so that the ground could dry up and some grass might grow.


It’s a good thing that I have these very short people holding up my trailer.


CIMG6469 I put those two tables by the door so that I’ll have something to put my planting stuff on this Sunday.  I really don’t want to do that inside if I can do it outdoors.



It’s so beautiful and peaceful out here today….I hate to leave to go to work!!  I’ve got all the windows, ceiling vents and door open and I’m loving it!!


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