Osterglocken, can you see them?

I can’t remember the American name for them, but this means spring has definitely sprung! It got up to a lovely 70 degrees today and the rain that they called for held off for another day.
I even removed the bubble wrap from the kitchen window and moved the black out curtains, that were blocking the draft coming through the front door, back to the bedroom.  It’s supposed to get cold for a couple of nights next week and this move is probably going to bite me in the butt and I’ll be freezing again….but I couldn’t resist letting some of this awesome, bright sunshine come into the house.
The Dell from hell is back at T-Jay’s.  I went back today to help him get on the internet and now everything is back up and running.  As soon as he gets everything off of my laptop, I’ll get that machine back over here and will give it a reformat to clean it out.  This way I have a spare that’s in good working order, in case something happens to the one I’m using now.
I just read mmpaints latest thread about  healthy eating and Monsanto.  I watched another documentary about Monsanto last Sunday.  How do we forget bad news so quickly and just kind of accept things and go with the flow.  We ask questions once….listen to the half assed answer and then everything gets swept under the rug. Most of us have gotten so spoiled and lazy and have grown totally dependant on our forever growing supply of grocery stores.   Just thinking about growing our own food to feed ourselves and our families seems like a huge almost impossible task.  If we do go out of our way to buy home grown organic food, the price is so high that it’s not in our budgets.  I know it’s not in mine.   This has gotten me pretty worked up, can you tell?  I’ll be taking baby steps and starting my little garden next week.  Some home grown food is better than nothing.
LOL….it’s time to go to sleep, but my pussy has lost her mind and wants to play with my boots….


  1. They're daffodils, or narcissus, a sure sign of spring everywhere. I'm proud to say that I recognized the German name for them, too. But I googled to make sure : )

    I always need to have a bit of an acreage, it makes me feel secure to know that I can still grow a bit of a crop or graze a cow, of I need to, must be the farm girl in me.

    We've been having spring all winter long, its totally got my internal clock screwed up.

  2. Rose...I forgot that Google is my friend and misspelled it with an Umlaut. The flowers have bright yellow blossoms and long stems.

    I'd like some rabbits and chickens. Home grown eggs would be awesome. They look and taste so different from the store bought stuff.

    Spring..for a while I didn't think it was going to come. I wonder if our coming summer is going to be as extreme.

    How are the bruises?

  3. We have day lillies coming up and I think I saw blooms on a tree in the woods next to our house. Forgot to double check this morning when I took daughter to school. Hubby and I cut back the mexican heather and cleaned around the day lillies this past weekend.
    Take care, Sheila

  4. Sheila....yep spring has sprung. I feel so much better now :) Will you post photos?

  5. I'm so glad that winter is almost over for you just as summer is almost over for us. We are in for a warm weekend, but at least the mornings and evenings are getting cooler now.

    I've just caught up on all your posts and enjoyed reading about all your daily happenings. I've missed you :)

  6. Gypsy....me too!! I wonder what our summer is going to be like this year. Will it be as extreme as this past winter?

    I'm glad to see you out and about. I've missed you too! :)


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