Not enough that I hate Mondays….it had to be gloomy too



Hopefully we will get some sunshine tomorrow?

The Evil Twin is up for inspection this month and I still had that tail light issue.  Tony and Jeremy, from my extended Scion Evolution family, came through for me yesterday! :)  Jeremy driving all the way from Staunton VA and Tony all the way from Maryland, exchanged my tail lights back to stock.  Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!



My baggies are starting to sprout, only five days!!  That’s amazing!  Thanks Kymber and Katie :)

I went to Burnside Farm to pick up some eggs.  They are really delicious and a deep beautiful orange.  So much different from store bought eggs.  Even though I had bought “organic” eggs last week, those eggs looked nothing like this. Tasted different too.

I’m looking forward to going to Miller’s this afternoon.  My sister is bringing me a vegetarian bagel that she baked and the movie “King Corn”.


  1. For some reason your pictures aren't showing up in this entry.

  2. Strange....I thought it was just on my end. Wonder what's going on??

  3. One or more of the photo servers are down and they have to fix this problem.

  4. It's pissing down with rain here in the UK too. Trust me you ain't seen gloomy until you've seen British gloomy. :D

  5., pissing down with rain. I'll have to remember that one.
    I think your and my gloom are about neck in neck. Here's to a sunny day tomorrow.

  6. Maybe since you have had such a gloomy Monday, the rest of the week will be sunny...fingers crossed... :) Take care, Sheila
    PS. Sweet of the guys to take care of your tail lights.


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