The LOYALTOYOTA  fan page on Facebook has only been up and running for 8 days and already has 606 fans.  I received my sticker two days ago.


Yes….I washed the Evil Twin in the dark last night.



I dropped off Miss Dell to T-Jay before work last night.  Everything worked just fine.


T-Jay’s checking to see if everything is still working.


Don’t ask.  One day when T-Jay has a good feeling day, I’ll ask him to explain what and how he uses this program to make music.  The process from start to finish is pretty awesome.

Now this morning T-Jay texted me that Miss Dell is having new issues. :(

So…...not wanting to wait until the last minute, I’m making space on the spare laptop.  Just in case Miss Dell quits on him.  RAT BASTARD!!



I did have plans to open my bag of seeds and check them out, but I better  focus on this for now.


  1. Computers can be such a pain sometimes...but what would we do without them...ha. Can't go back now...Take care, Sheila

  2. Sheila....ain't that the truth? Without my computer things of mine would be accidently cut off left and right.

  3. It looks like you should set up a computer workshop there! :D

    I think your 2 favourite words are Rat Bastard aren't they? :D

  4. Joe....Ha, I wish I had enough knowledge to repair computers. That would be right up my alley. Unfortunately I only know enough to keep myself out of minor trouble.

    Rat Bastard is the shit!!


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