Ha, the snow is almost gone :)

This was yesterday morning….



Just a few spots of snow left.  It was so beautiful outside and I decided to go visit my Mom and Pop.



On the way to my parents.  No signs of spring yet.


Calendar in my Mom’s kitchen says that children and crazy people tell the truth.

We had a great visit.  Much laughter to help me de-stress. 

We had rabbit for lunch with potatoes, savoy cabbage with hollandaise sauce and gravy.  It was awesome.  I love my Mom’s cooking and would probably get huge if I stayed there. 

After lunch we went to TJMax in Winchester and then stopped at Big Lots in Front Royal.  I picked up some potting soil, peat pellets and sandwich bags.  Now all I need is for the weather stay warm.

When I was ready to leave to drive home, I noticed this cat bed in my Mom’s garage.  Mom told me that her pussy wouldn’t have anything to do with it.  So I told her that I would like to give it a try and see if mine would take to it.  Well…see for yourself.  My pussy likes it!! :)




Oh, I almost forgot…..the Dell from hell is back.  More error messages.  Every time I fixed one, another would pop up.  Last night she got on my LAST NERVE.  So she got her butt reformatted!  I should have done that from the get go.  Now she is lightening, fast running Vista.  All that’s left to do is to install 72 windows updates which I will do overnight. 

My pussy is pretty happy that the Dell is back since she keeps her paws warm….


Good news…..the turmeric did it again.  Yesterday the boil was completely gone.  I took 5 capsules three times a day and it did the trick.  The boil just went away. :)


  1. Our snow is mostly gone. My nether regions are pretty much always happy. Oh wait, you meant your cat? I don't care much for cats, but my dog and my cows are happy.

  2. Donna...lol!! I never used to care for cats either, but this one is very dog like. Silly comes to me early in the morning with her favorite toy and I have to play fetch while I'm waiting for my coffee. She's very vocal and will tell me when she wants me to turn the faucet on. She knows what "no" or "eh" means. She does a lot of things that reminds me of past dogs that I have had.

  3. I hope you are seeing the end of snow and spring will be sprung shortly. We've had a few days of nice weather but it is cloudy and rainy today. Have a great week, Sheila

  4. Sheila... today was awesome, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow and freeze at night next week. Phew....I think the worse is over on my end. You have a great week too, Sheila :)


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