Could Spring Be Right Around The Corner?

I sure hope so.  I am so tired of this.  Usually I love winters, but enough is enough!  Looks like Saturday will be the first day in months with the temps not getting down below 33 degrees at night.  A completely frost free 24 hours….wonder what THAT will feel like.

I have collected enough containers to start my seeds, just have to rearrange the house to make room for them.  Hopefully I’ll have enough light to get them started.  Kymber will be posting as she gets started on hers.  I need all the info I can get since I have even killed a Cactus in my past.  Hopefully the ground here doesn’t need too much help and I can keep the expenses down.  These past couple of months have hit me right were it hurts….in my wallet! :(

My gig at Blooms went smoothly yesterday.  I’m all caught up cleaning up behind the last people that so called took care of this.  It was very time consuming especially having to document and return 178 DVD’s.  Next time should be a quick, in and out.

Today I will take care of phone cards in three 7-Elevens all on my way to Miller’s.  I’m not too stressed about it since they are open 24 hours a day and I can walk in there at any time.  It should be a quick in and out….I hope!

The chases have been slow this past week.  I wonder what is going on.  Is everyone paying their bills?

Meanwhile my junk mail logging gig is getting huge.  There was a pile in the mailbox yesterday.  That’s a good thing, keep ‘em coming!!! :)


I guess I’ll be filling capsules tonight.  I’m working on another boil. :(  I haven’t had one that was full blown in months.  I hope that the Turmeric will do the trick again.  


  1. yes - spring is right around the corner - i promise!!! 'Ol man winter has had his time and he may give it another kick or two - but he's out - and spring is in!!!

    thanks for the shout-out and link. what are you planning to start your seeds in? do you know about the MMpaints baggy method? i swear - it is the absolute best way to get seeds to germinate! let me know if you need instructions k?

    glad to hear that your gig at Blooms went smoothly...holy moly - 178 DVDs???

    and yes - fill up those capsules! i have passed the info about turmeric on to several people now!!!

  2. The weather here in the UK is finally getting better! Cold but sunny and dry. About time too.

    *Waves at Kymber*

  3. Kymber...Ha, the Rat Bastard ought to be tired!!

    I saw you mention the baggy method, but couldn't find any instructions. Will you send them to me?

    Yes, that was a lot of DVD's. I hate it when I have to clean up behind other grownups, but it should be less time consuming from now on.

    Yes....Turmeric is the shit!!!! I've got the bottle and capsules out so that I won't forget to do that tonight. :)

  4. Joe...I heard on the news that you were having some of that rough weather. I sure hope that this is it. They're talking about 60's for Monday. Woohooo!!!!:)

  5. *Waves back at Cool Joe - the cooolest Joe on the planet*

    Tango - i will send you instructions on the baggy method! you'll love it!

  6. Kymber...thanks I got it. know this is the beginning of my bugging you for answers, don't you???

  7. oh hon - you've caught me at it now...although i don't comment on all of your posts - i do read them every single day!!! and i also re-check your posts sometimes several times a day - i just have to! i care about you, ya know??!?!? i always know what you are up to and what yer doing!

    and you know how to contact sending me 20 email a day about seedlings is fine with me...but trust me - yer gonna do just fine.

    you got my email address - fire off all of your questions. i promise to answer them in a timely fashion. and i am soo glad that you are trying to start some seedlings. i'm sooo freakin proud of you!!! and i promise to be there the whole way for you ok my sweet friend? no worries - i'll be there!!! we'll do this together!

    now get those capsules made - they have sooo helped you in the past and i don't want you to forget that k? so get some more ready and take them regular-like - they are good for you!

  8. Kymber...your awesome. First batch of questions already sent.
    LOL...I'm not home yet, but I won't forget to fill those capsules. :)

  9. Hey, I want to know about this 'baggy' method too!

    And good luck with the caps, I remember you saying they worked last time. If it works again, I'll tell my BF about them, she's similarly afflicted : (

    And yeah no, I doubt that everyones paying thier bills, most be something else!

  10. know I will post it :) I just have a few more questions before I do.

    The Turmeric has been working for me so far. They still come on, but go away without me going to the doc and spending money for nothing.

    Yep...I have a feeling something else is going on. All the companies want to undercut our fees. Maybe they found someone cheaper...but they'll never find anyone as anal about their work as I am.

  11. Hi cousin,

    just wanted to let you know that I seldom miss one of your entries. I'm looking forward to hear everything about the seedlings, I'd love to have a garden too. I even planted potatoes on my balcony last year. ;-)
    If you have a sunny place somewhere, you should give tomatoes a try. You can grow them very easily in plastic bags of soil. Just cut a little hole in one and put the plant in. Perhaps another hole where you stick a small yoghurt cup with a hole in it, makes watering easier. (I hope you get what I mean, my english's a bit rusty.)

  12. Anne....How are you? Thanks for commenting. I've been wondering if that was you out of Hamburg. :)
    Great idea about the tomato in a bag. I can't wait until it finally warms up around here.
    BTW....your English is just fine. I'm sure that my German is much more rusty though I have more issues talking than with reading German.


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