Matzah Brei with Apples…’s what’s for dinner tonight



I found this on  Meesha’s blog a couple of days ago, thanks to Donna, and decided to give it a try.  It took me a while to find Whole Wheat Matzos, but I found them this afternoon.  It tasted great with the apple and I think I will try this with the apple inside next time around……with sugar and cinnamon…yummy!    Or maybe add some veggies.  Plus I’ll use a bigger pan so that the Matzah Brei will be thinner.

I have had many commercial inspections lately.  I hate them and I love them.  The pay is excellent, but the report that I have to write is a pain in the butt and I keep putting them off until the last minute.  The report has to be written in the third person and I always feel like a complete idiot in doing this.  Many nights are spent in re-writing them to get around me having to do this.  Tomorrow is the last one…..for a while, I hope.  I have a stack of books sitting at Miller’s.  I’m afraid to take them home because I know that I will start reading them and then put the reports on the back burner.  Mmmhhh… of course, now I’m on the computer, which isn’t helping any either!!!

My seeds are sprouting like crazy and  I just can’t seem to get a good photo of them.  LOL…..the baggies get in the way.  I’m thinking by Sunday, I’ll be able to put some of them into dirt.  I have to find some containers by then.

My sister’s bagel was delicious.  I was going to save it until this morning, but it never made it. :)  She went back to her vegan lifestyle a couple of weeks ago and has lost 11 pounds.  I am so proud of her, she’s already feeling so much better!

Haven’t had time to watch King Corn yet….hopefully this weekend.  I’ll be off on Sunday….woohoo!!  Unless I get some car chases to take care of. :)

Not enough that I hate Mondays….it had to be gloomy too



Hopefully we will get some sunshine tomorrow?

The Evil Twin is up for inspection this month and I still had that tail light issue.  Tony and Jeremy, from my extended Scion Evolution family, came through for me yesterday! :)  Jeremy driving all the way from Staunton VA and Tony all the way from Maryland, exchanged my tail lights back to stock.  Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!



My baggies are starting to sprout, only five days!!  That’s amazing!  Thanks Kymber and Katie :)

I went to Burnside Farm to pick up some eggs.  They are really delicious and a deep beautiful orange.  So much different from store bought eggs.  Even though I had bought “organic” eggs last week, those eggs looked nothing like this. Tasted different too.

I’m looking forward to going to Miller’s this afternoon.  My sister is bringing me a vegetarian bagel that she baked and the movie “King Corn”.

What are those white things…..

….out in the woods?



LOL….they’re my bubble wrap inside white trash bags.  Must have blown there in the wind last night.  I’ll stick them under my trailer once I removed some of the straw.  I’m glad that I haven’t already done that since it’s supposed to go back down in the twenties tonight.  GRRRRR….I thought it was over with.

I keep checking on my seeds everyday.  I know it’s silly, it’s only been two days, but I’m so excited about it.  I gave the rest of my seeds to my sister last night.  She’s really good with plants.  I remember one year she had these huge two foot long zucchinis.  They were so big, they were downright scary looking.

I’ve been in contact with Katie of Burnside Farms and she told me that she might have some eggs for me this Sunday or Monday.  I can’t wait to check the place out. 

I just received a very nice email from her:

:) everything we do is non GMO so no worries there!!
As far as eggs we are sold out at the moment for the next few days but should have some available around Sunday. I can try and remember to let you know or better yet ring me Sunday as we are super busy and I may forget. Otherwise, we are planting and planting and should have fresh produce beginning sometime late May. Our stand will be opening mid April with bedding plants and flowers so you can come by and visit us then for a little taste of spring although not edible.
Thanks for your support!!!

I stopped by  Buckland Farm Market  and talked to Margaret yesterday.  I had posted a question about GMOs on their Facebook page.  This was her reply:

Buckland buys as much as possible from small producers, many of whom are in the Shenandoah Valley. These producers are trying to provide a good healthy products. Many practice organic methods, but are not certified to legally label their food as organic.

She also told me that they will carry hormone-free, grass-fed chicken this year.  They already carry Bison.  I have had some of their ground meet and it was delicious.

So far it looks like I have two places to keep my eyes on.  I still want to check out the Manassas Farmers’ Market. Looks like it will be open next Saturday.

Can I? Please? Please?

Many times I’ve seen children beg and plead their parents for things.  Usually the parents are doing something or talking to someone.  After a dozen “please, can I?” the parent gives in, probably just to make the child finally shut up be quiet.  While that strategy never worked with my parents, it worked for my pussy yesterday.  After an hour or so of begging, rubbing up against my legs, getting up in my face, running to the door yowling, she wore me down.



I’ve been looking for local farms to visit in my search for non-GMO foods.   Last night I found Burnside Farms which is just a few miles from home.  I can’t wait to check it out and I hope it turns out to be a keeper.

Looks like it will rain soon.  Time to go wash while I can still load and unload in front of my door.

Starting my seeds

I couldn’t find any regular peat pellets, so I ended up getting a set of 72.


I used three pellets per plant and marked all the baggies.  Kymber blogged about making her own peat pellets.  I’ll do that next time.


Next time I won’t go so “ultra cheap” on the baggies. I had to throw a bunch of them away because they would not open.


Here are all the little baggies.  In the living room where it’s nice and warm. :) 

I haven’t had a smoke since Sunday.  I almost buckled last night and got in my car to get a pack, but I made it without.  Gypsy kept me from going….I was looking at her blog.  She’s been smoke free for almost a month.  I will miss her. :(

I’ve been really busy with commercial inspections these last couple of day.  I always have such a hard time with the reports. They still take way too long, but that’s my fault for being so anal and wanting to put as much information in them as possible since I am the clients eyes and ears.  LOL…I really need to learn to not give a damn, that would speed things up.

I’m still finding pieces of bubble wrap in my home.  I just noticed a piece behind the screen of the air condition panel in the ceiling.  LOL…I hope that this is the last piece..

GMO, Dairy, and Meat free Kitchen

When did Harris Teeter decide to go into the Organics business?

I wonder which company is behind the Harris Teeter label? 

On the way home I stopped by there to pick a few things.  It had been about 3 weeks since I had been there and I was surprised to see all the purple “Organic Stickers” all over the store.  Also a ton of so called “Natural”  Harris Teeter products.  For some reason the photos of the “Organic” products didn’t turn out, but here are a couple of the  products.



I went through the produce isle and found regular carrots and “organic” carrots.  Both were unwrapped. I had one bunch in each hand.  I swear, I could not see the difference.  It was as if the employees had just decided to mark one bunch “organic” and mark up the price to $3.99 each.  Rat Bastards.  I don’t trust them.  I’ll be buying local.

I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets this morning and took out everything that I THINK is GMO.  Even though I used my list from Non-GMO, I’m sure I missed something, but this is good for now.


I’ve been meat and dairy free since Monday last week.

I’ve been almost GMO free since Thursday.  Again, I’m saying this because I’m sure that I have missed something somewhere.  This is a huge learning curve for me.  I have yet to hit a local farmer’s market.

I am still smoking. 

Usually my nose is stopped up and I have a sneezing fit when I get up every morning.  I’ve noticed for the past two days that I don’t have this problem anymore. I’ve had this issue so long, that I thought it was normal and everyone goes through the morning ritual of unclogging the nose and sneezing.

I’ve lost 4 pounds.  I don’t seem to want to eat as much as I usually do. A little food seems to go a long way.

Smoked my last cigarette a while ago.  Back on the wagon again!  Wish me luck!! :)


Input From My Cousin, Anne :)

Anne was nice enough to post this reply for me on Wednesday’s thread….Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s, Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH or rBST) are in almost everything we eat, thanks to Monsanto.  I found it great to have some ones input from another country and I am posting it today.  Thanks for answering some of my questions, Anne :) I really appreciate it.
Moin, Tango,

yes, we do still have freedom of press. ;-) But mostly the news report on GMOs only when there's some scandal or something newsworthy (like changes in laws). But I guess people are more aware over here: organic retail in Germany has had a steady 5 to 10 % growth over the last years because of whole new target groups (like parents with small children). Organic food is hip and not a treehugger- or fringe thing anymore. It's still more expensive as the other stuff, but you already get a lot of organic food (like potatoes, carrots, dairy products and meat) at supermarkets or discounters at moderate prices.
And with the conventionally produced stuff it's also not too hard to avoid GMO-free food as long as you're not farsighted and can still read the fine print. ;-) That's because genetically modified ingredients must be declared in Germany. Most of it (corn and soy) comes from the USA or India (and other Asian countries) btw.

Growth hormones, antibiotics and other yucky stuff have been used over decades here, but they are not allowed in organic farming. That's why we only eat certified organic meat.

But most of the people over here still eat the cheap stuff, and lots of it. They want to have meat several times a week and fresh imported raspberries with their oatmeal in winter when they're out of season.(@Karin: ;-)). I can understand that, but it's not for me anymore.

Wow, this has gotten long! ;-)
Moin Anne,

Thanks for replying.  It's nice to see what's going on in another country.
It's fine that it's not always in the media. as long as the public is aware of it, but here most people aren't, or really think it's okay since we're all fed the same foods without any warnings and we think that the government is protecting us. 
Here Monsanto and their products are in bed with out government, so no help there.
Our foods are labeled with ingredients, but you really have to dig down deep and research to see where exactly the ingredients are coming from. Due to this and the government approving the foods it's really hard to not eat GMO's.

Meanwhile we are getting bigger and bigger. People are sick with cancers. Friends are developing new allergies that they have never been suffering with before.  On top of that, so many children are on one type of medicine or another. No one can tell me that the food we eat has nothing to do with it.
Even the organic foods aren't safe unless you really research them.  Seems to me that the only way to make sure we eat GMO free is to get in the local farmers back yard....up close and personal.
You reminded me of when we still lived in Germany.  I remember not having meat many days.  It was not a big deal and seemed normal to us.  When we did have meat, it was not unlimited like it is here now.  Rarely will someone have just ONE piece of chicken, steak or pork and in the summer our grills are filled with meat.  Our eating habits are totally out of control.
I've stopped eating meats and dairy products until further notice.
Thanks again for your comment, Anne :)


Yesterday I started taking some of the Bubble Wrap off of my windows and the screen door.  I’m putting it all, labeled, in plastic bags for next winter.  What a difference!!



It took a bit longer to remove it from the screen door since I used Velcro and while I was concentrating on not tearing the bubble wrap, my pussy escaped….


Of course, by the time I got some shoes on my feet, she had disappeared.  She was MIA for almost an hour.  Finally I saw her around the back of our home.  She was all dirty on her back and I have no idea where she went, but I sure was glad to have her back.  Apparently she had a great time because afterwards she was fussing to go back outside.  Cornish Rex sure are vocal!!

I’ve been doing so much reading and research until my head hurt.  I really wanted to find something, anything good about GMO’s, rBGH, rBST, or the Monsanto Corporation.  Pretty much something for me to stop being so totally furious about this whole, huge MISTAKE, but I couldn’t.  So on goes the quest of ridding my life of as much of it as I can.

All cheese, cream cheese, meats, ramen, noodles, Vitamins and cream for my coffee is gone.  More to come.  I brought in some organic brown rice and fruits, onions, eatable seeds, and green peppers so far.  I’m not much of a meat cooker at home and might leave meat alone all together.  Things that I have scheduled to say good bye to by the end of the week are bagels, butter, and cigarettes. Who knows, maybe this will get rid of my 10 year issue with my reoccurring boils that no one seems to have an answer for.

It’s not easy to buy Non-GMO.  To help, the Non-GMO Project has created a Shopping Guide for the iPhone and the iPhone Touch.  For those of you that are interested and have one of these machines, download it and see which brands, products, and retailers are committed to North America’s only 3rd party standard for GMO avoidance.  Features include consumer tips for avoiding GMOs and the ability to search by product type.  I guess I will use the printed version until they come out with an application for the Blackberry Storm.

I cut some Daffodils yesterday and hope that they will bloom in my home…


…….and I have picked up some Peat PELLETS :)

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH or rBST) are in almost everything we eat, thanks to Monsanto



Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH or rBST)

According to Guy at Astoria Oregon Rust today, I’ve been ranting on my Face book.  Well, yes I have, constantly since the 6th of this month.  People are probably getting tired of it, but if just a few read and research, and maybe make some changes in what they buy and eat, I’m happy.

I used to wonder about all these “new” diseases, illnesses, cancers, and allergies that have been popping up over the last 20 years.  I used to think they had always existed, that we just  never had access to all this instant information before.  Now I’m sure that it has to do with the food that we eat and where we buy it at.

The more I researched the more pissed off I got.  It’s now at the point where I am determined make some major changes in my life.

Life would be so much easier if I would have began the changes years ago when things were not so tight money wise, but I will take baby steps and WILL get rid off all GMO, rBHG, and rBST containing items in my kitchen cabinets and refrigerator….one by one! 

Hell, GMO’s are even in the vitamin that I took every day.  It’s downright overwhelming!!!

I’m absolutely furious!

What do YOU have in YOUR homes?  What are you putting in your bodies?  Does it worry you at all?   Do you think that the food that is being eaten have anything to do with illness in your families?

Google Alerts

My favorite new Google Application.  See Alerts on top left side….

google alert 1

This is where I input what ever I’m interested in.  You can choose to search in Comprehensive, News, Blogs, Web, Video, or Groups.  You can choose how often you want to get an email and how many results per email you want to receive.

google alert 2

This is my current list.  I’ve only been using Google Alerts for a few weeks and I’ll add to it as I go.  You can edit your settings any time you want to.

google alert 3

This sure saves me time when I’m keeping my eye on a subject that I’m interested in.

Starting My Seeds….mistake #1


So I decided to get my seeds started. 


I laid the seeds out on my table and picked just a few to get started on.

Kymber had emailed me directions for the fool proof method that mmpaints uses.  I thought I had understood the directions.  Never having dealt with peat pellets, I didn’t know that peat pots were a totally different thing.   So I bought peat pots.  Earlier I filled up my sink with warm water and dumped in the peat pots.  I remember thinking…this is really amazing.  How can these swell up like that??

CIMG6294Well, after waiting for 30 minutes, this is what they looked like.   Nothing like the ones that mmpaints or Donna have got going!!! :(  

I’ll be looking for Peat PELLETS this week.

In other news, I wanted to watch Food Inc, but the link I had was showing it too choppy probably due to my internet connection.  So I got myself a two week free subscription to Netflix.  I watched it last night.  It’s the most disturbing thing I’ve watched in a long time.  Even more reasons to start a garden, even if you don’t have a lot of space!!!

One of the gentlemen interviewed in Food Inc is Joel Sallatin.  He owns a farm about 8 miles from Staunton, VA called Polyface.  My sister and I are planning on going there for a visit soon.

Meanwhile here is a link to pickyourown, a directory for finding farms in your area that let you pick your own veggies. It also has a list of farmer’s markets. 

If you are interested in finding out where exactly the store bought milk you’re buying is coming from, find out at this link… In the Search for Sustainable Dairy, the Internet's a Powerful Tool

and a link to eatwild a directory of grass-fed foods and facts. 

Daylight Savings Time…

….just jacked me out of an hour of sleep. smile_sad  I hope it won’t take me too long to get used to it, but it will be nice not to have it get dark so early.

Today is my second and last WHOLE day off this month.  I’m trying to make it last as long as possible.

My family is getting together this afternoon and we are going to a restaurant in Winchester.  Thursday was my Mom’s 75th birthday and she told me that she won’t have another birthday for five years.  Looks like T-Jay will join us too which will be extra nice.

We have coastal flood warnings until noon.  It looks like we won’t see the sun until Tuesday.  Can’t wait, I’m sick of this rain every day!! 

I’m planning to watch Food Inc before I go…..or maybe I should wait until we get back?

Silly joined me in watching Teri’s new video of the kittens this morning….


Have a safe and enjoyable Sunday everyone!! smile_regular

Google Is My Friend


Last night I stopped by T-Jay’s to pick up my Sony laptop after he finished transferring all his stuff to the now super squeaky clean Ms Dell desktop.

When I got home I started to get prepared to reformat the laptop.  Knowing that it didn’t come with a recovery disk, I dreaded it.  I figured it would take me most of today to whip her back into shape going to the Sony site to download tons of files and then installing them.

I googled my issue and found that all I had to do is press F10 while the laptop starts up, to get to the recovery file and from there it would restore the laptop to factory default settings.  What a relief!!!   I needed some news that would make me smile this morning. :)

It’s been raining here since last night and is supposed to continue through Tuesday.  Many days of doom and gloom.  Guy….you’re welcome to come over. :)  This should be right up your alley!

I have two car chases in Woodbridge today.  I’ll wait to time it with going to work at Miller’s late this afternoon to save on gas.

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook yesterday…warning, turn down the sound because the man is REALLY pissed off!

Then Leslie posted this on her Facebook…

Thanks for the laughs you two.  :)  I needed that!!!


About the plants that are shooting up in the yard, this is  what they  look like when they bloom.  My sister told me that they are  Daffodils.  They’re all over the yard and I’ve been told that I’ll have to bug Kenny about not mowing them down. :)
I just received my yearly update.  Luckily I bought the townhouse back in 1998.  The value shot up to $300K years ago and now it is down to $79K.  I do hope that it has now finally bottomed out.  If I had to sell it now, I would break even.  I feel so bad for the people that bought their homes just a few years ago and are now at the point were their loan balance is twice as high as the value of their home.  No wonder many of those unfortunate folks are packing up and leaving their homes behind.
I received an invoice from our lawyer the other day.  He needs 2K to continue to collect the monies owed to us by the builder that we used to work for.  I beginning to feel like a caged animal with no way out!  This totally sucks!  I need some REALLY good news to get myself out of the gloomy mood today!

Osterglocken, can you see them?

I can’t remember the American name for them, but this means spring has definitely sprung! It got up to a lovely 70 degrees today and the rain that they called for held off for another day.
I even removed the bubble wrap from the kitchen window and moved the black out curtains, that were blocking the draft coming through the front door, back to the bedroom.  It’s supposed to get cold for a couple of nights next week and this move is probably going to bite me in the butt and I’ll be freezing again….but I couldn’t resist letting some of this awesome, bright sunshine come into the house.
The Dell from hell is back at T-Jay’s.  I went back today to help him get on the internet and now everything is back up and running.  As soon as he gets everything off of my laptop, I’ll get that machine back over here and will give it a reformat to clean it out.  This way I have a spare that’s in good working order, in case something happens to the one I’m using now.
I just read mmpaints latest thread about  healthy eating and Monsanto.  I watched another documentary about Monsanto last Sunday.  How do we forget bad news so quickly and just kind of accept things and go with the flow.  We ask questions once….listen to the half assed answer and then everything gets swept under the rug. Most of us have gotten so spoiled and lazy and have grown totally dependant on our forever growing supply of grocery stores.   Just thinking about growing our own food to feed ourselves and our families seems like a huge almost impossible task.  If we do go out of our way to buy home grown organic food, the price is so high that it’s not in our budgets.  I know it’s not in mine.   This has gotten me pretty worked up, can you tell?  I’ll be taking baby steps and starting my little garden next week.  Some home grown food is better than nothing.
LOL….it’s time to go to sleep, but my pussy has lost her mind and wants to play with my boots….

She Must Have Gotten Bored

….so I’m walking up to my home tonight.  Everything is dark, but a flickering light that I can see through the window of my door.  Of course I’m thinking I’ve totally lost my mind, not remembering that I had lit a candle before I left for work.
When I opened the door this is what I saw…
… I guess my pussy got bored and turned the TV on.  Well, at least she was nice enough to mute it!

Ha, the snow is almost gone :)

This was yesterday morning….



Just a few spots of snow left.  It was so beautiful outside and I decided to go visit my Mom and Pop.



On the way to my parents.  No signs of spring yet.


Calendar in my Mom’s kitchen says that children and crazy people tell the truth.

We had a great visit.  Much laughter to help me de-stress. 

We had rabbit for lunch with potatoes, savoy cabbage with hollandaise sauce and gravy.  It was awesome.  I love my Mom’s cooking and would probably get huge if I stayed there. 

After lunch we went to TJMax in Winchester and then stopped at Big Lots in Front Royal.  I picked up some potting soil, peat pellets and sandwich bags.  Now all I need is for the weather stay warm.

When I was ready to leave to drive home, I noticed this cat bed in my Mom’s garage.  Mom told me that her pussy wouldn’t have anything to do with it.  So I told her that I would like to give it a try and see if mine would take to it.  Well…see for yourself.  My pussy likes it!! :)




Oh, I almost forgot…..the Dell from hell is back.  More error messages.  Every time I fixed one, another would pop up.  Last night she got on my LAST NERVE.  So she got her butt reformatted!  I should have done that from the get go.  Now she is lightening, fast running Vista.  All that’s left to do is to install 72 windows updates which I will do overnight. 

My pussy is pretty happy that the Dell is back since she keeps her paws warm….


Good news…..the turmeric did it again.  Yesterday the boil was completely gone.  I took 5 capsules three times a day and it did the trick.  The boil just went away. :)

The World According to Monsanto


Today was really busy at Miller’s and I had plenty to do all day.  By the time I was all caught up, I had about 45 minutes with nothing major to do so I checked out this link posted to a group on Facebook that I befriended.  While there I found this link…. 

The World According to Monsanto 

I just finished watching it and I hate to say it, but it scares the crap out of me.

Then I found this …. Why am I trying to go a Month Without Monsanto?

I better get to bed, or I’ll be up all night.

I think I’ll open my package of Heirloom seeds tomorrow.


The LOYALTOYOTA  fan page on Facebook has only been up and running for 8 days and already has 606 fans.  I received my sticker two days ago.


Yes….I washed the Evil Twin in the dark last night.



I dropped off Miss Dell to T-Jay before work last night.  Everything worked just fine.


T-Jay’s checking to see if everything is still working.


Don’t ask.  One day when T-Jay has a good feeling day, I’ll ask him to explain what and how he uses this program to make music.  The process from start to finish is pretty awesome.

Now this morning T-Jay texted me that Miss Dell is having new issues. :(

So…...not wanting to wait until the last minute, I’m making space on the spare laptop.  Just in case Miss Dell quits on him.  RAT BASTARD!!



I did have plans to open my bag of seeds and check them out, but I better  focus on this for now.

There Is Life Under That Snow…..


You have to really look for it, but the signs are there.  Spring is right around the corner.  It is pretty windy today, but it is 43 lovely degrees.  It’s drying the ground up some and I actually made it to the Evil Twin without major mud all over my pants and boots. :)


Can you see those butt ugly things that surround my windows?? ^^^^^ See, they’re so ugly, I don’t even know what they’re called.  Anyway, they made it look so dark and gloomy in here.  This morning they got on my LAST nerve, so they had to go away.

So there!!!




I’m really pleased with it….so much brighter in here.  It will do for now until I find some nice curtains.

Don’t know what was up with the propane not getting into the house.  I connected and disconnected the tanks and now everything is okay.  I have heat and the stove is working fine.  I did think that the empty tank was a bit heavy when I took it to the car yesterday.  Maybe that was just my imagination?  I guess I will see when I go to have it filled.

I played around some more with T-Jay’s PC last night and she seems to be fine now.  I’ll be taking Miss Dell back to T-Jay this afternoon.


Ms Dell, all ready to go home.

It’s so beautiful outside right now.  I really wish that I did not have to leave.  Oh well :)


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