Last Sunday and Then I'll have Two Sundays Off....Maybe :)

Unless something comes up, work wise.

I've spent most of today getting ready for my merchandising gigs.  I will the take care of the one at Bloom's tomorrow and save the 7-Elevens for Tuesday.  I sure hope that I get used to this process quickly because if I don't, I'll spend a ton on ink and paper for the 15 to 20 page directions.  Once I get them down pat, I'll just print out the forms that I need to fill out. Oh well, I won't stress about's a learning curve! :)

I love this photo.  It sure applies to our area, especially since all that snow.

Another couple of hours here at Miller's, then I'm going to stop by T-Jay's to see if I can fix the screen door which has been catching hell from the winds lately.  I'm hoping also to be able to wash my car before leaving here.  The Evil Twin looks like crap and it's getting on my LAST NERVE.


  1. We don't get lane closed so much as traffic comes to a stand still for no reason...ha. Have a good day, Sheila

  2. Sheila....we have plenty of that on the interstate. I try to avoid them if possible. I hate sitting in traffic

  3. here in Ottawa we say we have only 2 seasons: winter and road construction!!! they are always working on large sections of the road in the busiest areas - it drives me crazy!!!

    anyway good luck with fixing the door and washing the twin!!!

  4. Kymber...I try to around those area! Drives me crazy too!
    Door is fixed, but no luck on washing the twin. I sure hope it dries out soon!


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