It's A Gloomy Day...

I think we got about 20 minutes of sunshine this morning and then it turned to doom and gloom....sigh

Shit....I can't believe I haven't been on here since last Thursday.  It's been a busy week.  Ha, I finally made it through a full week at Miller's without getting stuck or snowed in too. :)

It was supposed to start raining none stop this afternoon, so I got all my dirty laundry together, unplugged the empty propane tank, loaded everything in the Evil Twin and hauled ass down the road.  It's already muddy as hell and hauling stuff back and forth was not something I wanted to be doing once it started to rain.

When I got back, I removed one of the bales of straw and covered the mud.  I might take another one down when it stops raining.  It I can cover my path with straw, I'll be able to carry that full tank of propane and hook it  up.  As it is now, I'd have to take breaks and set it in the mud.  LOL...setting it in the snow doesn't help either because under all that snow is MORE mud.

This is a little bit better, at least by the steps where the worst of the mud is.

Remember that large bump I had on my jaw line a couple of weeks ago?  Well, the doctor said it was a boil and prescribed the all time cure-all, an anitbiotic.  I know a boil when I see one and feel one...and this was not it.  The redness has gone away, but the bump is still there.  I guess I'll make another appointment this week.

Kenny just texted me that he brought the propane bottle to my home and hooked it up for me.  Thanks Kenny.:)  I can't wait for it to dry up so that I can park at my door again.


  1. The crap weather sure gets you down after a while. We just left sunny Scottsdale and returned to wet and cold London. Yuck.

    Hope your jaw is ok. :)

  2. Joe....Yes it does, but I hear that springs coming soon. :)

    I hope my jaw is okay too. I'm kinda hoping it starts to hurt again...else I might not go back to the doctor.

    Did you end up getting a house??

  3. I would definitely get a second opinion about that lump Tango. Go with your gut instinct if you don't believe it's a boil.

    I hope the weather clears up soon. I think Kenny is a real godsend and so thoughtful. What a great friend.

  4. Gypsy...You're right, I should and I will.

    I have awesome neighbors! It always amazes me that we would never have met if we didn't drive a Scion.


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