Happiness Is Finding Out That The Fridge Is Not Broken

Woohoo!  I’m such a happy camper.  It turned out that all I had to do is push the reset button and it was working just fine.   That’s a load off of MY mind!

I cleaned out the left over odds and ends and dumped them outside on the snow for the animals.  It sure kept my pussy occupied.  Here she is watching what ever it was that ate them.


The snow last night didn’t amount to much so I’m sure the roads are in great shape today.  They sure were on the way home last night.

I still don’t know what’s up with my surround system in my trailer.  I’ll have to take a look at it later.  Something must have happened due to the power going off and then back on.  LOL…no reset button on this one.

It’s Teri’s birthday today.  I hope she has an un-stressful day today.

Tony stopped by at Millers Saturday and brought me a set of stock tail lights for the Evil Twin.  Thanks Tony…you’re awesome!!!   I have until the end of March to put them in, since that’s when my state inspection is due.  Here’s hoping for a warmer day to take care of this.

It sure is noisy out here today…lol, all that snow and the icicles falling off of the roof. I’ve opened the front door twice earlier thinking someone was knocking.  mmmhhh, why do I keep on calling it the front door when I only have ONE?

No chases today, but I do have a pile of paperwork to get rid of.  It’s piling up and getting on my last nerve so I’ll make it go away before I go to Millers tonight.   ….but first more important things, one more cup of coffee and catching up on all my blog friends. :)


  1. Hope the surround system is an easy fix too...Sheila

  2. Sheila....yeah, I hope so too. Wish there was a reset button. :)

  3. Great photo. Glad the fridge is working ok. Does the surround system have a code that needs resetting like you have to in a car when the battery goes flat?

  4. Joe...good question!! I'll have ask that on one of the forums I belong to. Thanks :)

  5. I just wanted to drop by to tell you I am about to catch up on all your posts I have missed. I see you are still getting plenty of the white stuff. Should it be letting up soon?

  6. Gypsy....How are you feeling? Are you still dealing with the heat? I hope this IS the last of that white stuff. I've had quite enough!


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