Got Blizzard?

These are my favorite photos from this past weekend…
It started back to snowing at around 6 last night.  I made it to Millers in 15 minutes….that’s a whole .6 of a mile. The service and parts department did about the only business we had and by 8 PM we were closing down.  The hardest part driving was on the street connecting the subdivision to one of the main roads.  That road had hardly been plowed and the half foot of slush had by that time turned into ice.  The Evil Twin was going all over the place almost hitting a truck parked on the side.  It took me three tries to back into my tiny little parking spot. I had more than a few scary moments!

This was at around 10 PM…
LOL….T-Jays room mates will have to climb through the passenger side door to get in.  I left only a few inches between the cars.  Sorry guys, it’s the best I could manage.

This is this morning….
T-Jay had been busy clearing a path to the cars and knocking the snow off of the Evil Twin.  He said that as of right now I am not stuck.  Cool….I’m just worried about the next road up.  More than likely that will be were I will get stuck.

I feel bad for the people that have no power.  They just announced on news that  the power crews have stopped working on restoring electricity due to the high winds.  They will come back out when it’s a bit more safe for them. 

Meanwhile I keep getting more assignments for car, boat and mortgage chases.  I must be the only one working Prince William, Fauquier, Culpeper and Warren counties since they have not assigned them to some one else.  I hope this stuff melts fast so I can take care of them.  I sure can use the money!  So far it’s been a very meager month.

I sure looking forward to next Wednesday, we should get up to 41 degrees. :)

I miss my home.  I wonder how she's holding up. :(


  1. Guy...right here with T-Jay and I bouncing off the walls as usual. :)

  2. I bet you do miss your home!

    Wow that is some snow!

  3. Your home seems to be ok... :)

  4. Joe...yes I do.
    Kenny...thanks. How is the driveway doing?

  5. Those first couple of pics are absolutely breath taking. I can appreciate the beauty of them because i don't have to deal with the negative aspects of the snow.

    Stay safe Tango. It sounds terrifying on those roads.

  6. Gysy...aren't they beautiful? Too bad it doesn't stay that way. Now it's just dirty and annoying.


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