Weird Cold Hit Me On Sunday

Not the normal kind of cold.  Continued sneezing, stopped up nose and I felt like I had a plastic bag over my head.  I made it through Sunday, but stayed home all day Monday.  Today I feel awesome again, except for wanting a cigarette.  


I haven’t had one since Monday night.  I really hope that I make it this time.  Hopefully the Nicotine lozenges that I have been taking, will keep me from turning into a total bitch by tomorrow night.  Since I do the majority of smoking in the Evil Twin, I spent yesterday morning cleaning and wiping down the inside.  When I got in her to go to work, there was no cigarette smell. :) 

Wish me luck.  This is the hardest habit to break.  I’ve been smoking most of 38 years except when I was pregnant and nursing.  I have quit before, but never longer than a few months.

I got my new desk and am very happy with it.



At first I had the 2nd monitor on top of that small hutch, but looking up there made my neck hurt.  So I removed the stand from the monitor and put it inside the hutch.  Then I had to lower my chair because the lip on the hutch was hiding the top of the screen.  I didn’t like that either so I removed the lip and then removed the light that was attached to the inside of the hutch.

                          CIMG5903                            CIMG5904

I plugged the hole with a couple of layers of tape from the back.  I raised my chair back up and can see the whole monitor….and no more sore neck. :)



I still don’t know if I like the hutch or not.  I don’t like that it is blocking the window.   I’ll give it a couple of days and just remove it if I decide I don’t like it.

Meanwhile, my pussy has a new favorite spot to sit at.  It’s nice and warm back there.


I sure am happy with the drawers in the desk.  Just look at all the room I made on the shelf unit….and I still have room left in the desk.


I could find another place for everything on the shelf unit except for the printer and power supply.  That will leave room for plants.


  1. You could get pregnant again if that would help.

  2. bahahahahaha to pregnant again - oh ya poor girl!!!

    but yes - fill that stand with plants - like herbs - like sage and rosemary and basil and oregano and chammomile and lavender - you will love yourself for it - i promise!!!

  3. I quit smoking many times before finally quitting for good. That was about 30 years ago.

  4.'t even think it!! Been there, done that, won't let it happen again!!! :)
    The shelf...yep that's the plan.

    Donna...I have too, many times. Congratulations to you, that's awesome.

  5. Good luck with the quitting smoking.

    I love the new desk, looks very neat and tidy now.

  6. Joe...thanks, I need it.
    The desk...right now I'm loving the drawers....

  7. Hope you are feeling better sugar. The inside of your RV is so neat--and clean! Wonder why I never post pictures of the interior of the Old Girl? BSEG!

  8. Andy....yep, feeling great.
    LOL..I was wondering about the missing photos of the inside. Shit, it can't be THAT bad...your by yourself.

  9. Oh Baby! I could be that bad for sure :) Function trumps aesthetics if you are a guy. So what I have is an "industrial" RV interior. Not nearly as pleasing as your little corner of the world. Being by myself is OK sorta kinda.....

  10. Andy...still would love to see some pictures of your setup...especially the geeky stuff :)
    Being anal about neat and tidy can have it downside. I washed some dishes this afternoon with water I had stored under the sink. I was laughing at myself for being so anal. I could have just left those dishes, after all who will see them but me?

  11. Let me see what I can do. I may alienate some of my liberal leaning readers but they aren't having a good year anyway.

  12. Andy...I'm sure they will forgive you and get over it. what's up with the bidet ad on your sidebar?


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