Major De-cluttering Monday

I spent the last couple of hours de-cluttering and re-organizing my tiny home.  I get into “nesting mode” quite often here and at work.  Going through things that are not used very often and putting them out of the way.  Changing things around…after it’s all done it’s like living in a brand new home.  Only bad thing is that I probably won’t find things again.  I’m still looking for my spare light bulbs, which I seem to have put in a very, very safe place so that I wouldn’t lose them.


My pussy was supervising every step…


Every kitchen you have candy on hand….


My desk is brown again and not covered with papers…..


I haven’t figured out why these trailers have to have tons of mirrors.  They’re everywhere….what’s up with that?  I spent more time polishing mirrors than wiping down anything else.

It was very, very windy again last night.  This morning when I got up one of these Intel guys that are sitting on the lip of the slide-out had fallen to the floor…..


I know I must be losing heat around the slides, but I can’t feel it when I put my hand up there.   The next travel trailer will have NO slides!!

This is my kitchen window this morning.  It’s the only window that is not covered with bubble wrap…



It would not have been iced over if I hadn’t blocked of the bedroom to keep it warm last night.  The bedroom seems to be the hardest place to keep warm when we have severe, gusty winds.  It’s supposed to get down to 10 degrees on Saturday.  I sure hope that the winds will have died down by then.  I won’t worry about it for a few days, since things tend to change when it comes to weather guesstamating (lol…new word)


  1. Hey Tango, the glass is just thin. Not much more you can do about that. You did a great job uncluttering, wish I had more initiative to do it more often.
    hang in there, we're freezin our butts off in southern Illinois too.

  2. mmpaints....yes I know. LOL you should have seen it LAST winter, before the bubble wrap.
    I'm kind of anal about clutter and organization.
    Keep warm....I hope that your mare is okay.
    Is that bread that I'm smelling???? :)

  3. Of course, me on a diet, took a good look at the candy and then almost snorted green tea out my nose...

  4. Teri....LOL....reading your comment and eating spaghetti...let me just's not a pretty picture.

  5. OMG that looks cold. We're about to get another massive heatwave with temps around 107 degrees for at least 4 or 5 days. Someone save me.

    Maybe I will stay inside while its so hot and declutter my house. Goodness knows it could use it.

  6. Gypsy....I feel for you. I don't think it has gotten that hot over here since we came to the states in 1968.
    I love to de-clutter. It felt great when I walked into my home last night.

  7. I have always fantasized what it would be like to live in a trailer. It is the ultimate in "stuff efficiency". Really, truly only keeping the stuff that means the most to you. It's an intriguing puzzle and it looks like you're doing a great job--Intel bunny people and all!


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