Look What I Found At Miller Used Cars Yesterday

She was parked on the inside.  I think they ought to put her outside so people can see her.  Sigh….wish I could afford another xB.  Shit….wish I could have one of each Scion :)
I stopped at Lowes to pick up some antifreeze and it turned out that they were more expensive then  Reines RV Center in Manassas.  I stopped by there since it was on my way.   LOL…I was almost late for work since this is one of my toy stores.
I spent some time this morning taping down that rather large throw rug I have in the front room.  I just couldn’t get my pussy to stop tunneling under it.  Every time I got home, the room looked like a very large unmade bed.  I found some clear duct tape…..so far so good.


  1. Mal-mart has the antifreeze too... It is not too expensive...I wish I could have an xb too.. :(

  2. Nice! Yeah, I miss my Jag XJS and I'd love a SmartCar and a Vespa and a sugar daddy, too...

    We call that rug play "being a sand worm"

    Hey, when I am ready to put the vinyls on my, I might want some fancy used wheels too...can you keep your eyes peeled?

  3. Kenny....wow, you posted :)
    I didn't try Walmart.
    Hey....at least you can borrow the xB from Cydni. :)

    Teri...LOL...rug play?
    I'll keep my eyes peeled. What year is yours?

  4. I really like the car but not the colour. Waht colour is it? :D

  5. HahMeow, Rug Play...sounds like something where we'd get rug burns on our knees...no, I meant the thing your puss does with the carpet.

    It's a 2006


  6. Teri....I'd have tile burns from chasing her.

    Check out this thread:

    The Prius sure looks a lot different without the stock wheel covers. :)


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