It's Snowing :)

 This was from the night before last, when it was till spring time...well sort of :)

Last night I parked close to my door, since the ground was frozen, and loaded up my empty propane tank.  This morning it started to snow on my way to Millers and it hasn't stopped yet.  We are expecting between 4 and 8 inches....depending on what weather forcast I'm looking at.  Ha, one says it's just cloudy in Manassas....maybe someone should look out of the window???

I have a couple of car chases in the Culpeper area tomorrow, but I've already given my client the heads up about the incoming snow.  When I mapquested the addresses I could see that they both are located in the boonies, so the roads won't be in too good a shape. of the addresses is off of partially dirt and gravel roads.  No way I'm bringing the Evil Twin out there!!

Looks like it's going to be a slow day today.   Not too many people are coming out in this mess to buy cars.
The phone calls about the recall have slowed down too.  It looks like people are starting to calm down after the media milked this for all it was worth and then some.  If any of you have questions about the recall check with Toyota here and here.  Or you can always ask me and I will get the answers for you.


  1. I'm actually stating to wish for a big dump of snow. It always looks so pretty.

    BC is warm enough to run roads and trails, has been for a few weeks, its weird.

    Your quitting smoking? Well, you're a good worker at whatever you do, so I think you'll make it : ) best of luck with that!

  2. Rose...LOL...I wish for a big dump on Centreville because we have a subdivision there where we do the snow removal.
    It was spring like over here last week...what a tease!!
    I hope that I do make it this time. If I do, it will be the hardest think I've ever had to do. I actually dreamt about smoking last night. :(

  3. Tango... Centreville? My friend Joanna lives there, and she does NOT need snow.
    I'm just glad we missed out on this one.
    You'll beat the smoking habit. And yes, it IS the hardest thing to quit. I quit about 20 times, and it was harder every time.

  4. Donna....yes I know, but I don't think Joanna lives where we remove snow at. Well at least I hope not. I'm glad that you missed this batch....ha, I'm sure you still have snow from the last batch.

    Every morning I'm thinking to myself that I made it another day without a smoke. I'm surprised every time. :)

  5. Ws had a bit more snow yesterday I was worried I wouldn't be able to get to do my disco last night, but I managed to make it. :)

    Well done with the smoking. :)


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