I’m looking for a small desk…..

on Craigslist, but it looks like the ones I like are just way too large.  I  need something that is less than 36 inches wide.  It would need a shelf on which I would be able to put the extra monitor.
My existing table was getting on my last nerve (as you can see, I have a lot of them) and I am an impatient woman that wants everything done yesterday.  It was time to modify what I have.  I took one of the sides off of the table and then turned the table around.  This was easier said then done since I bring my cordless drill to the dealership at night for all of us to use and SOMEBODY had tightened the bit holder thingy so tight I couldn’t get it loose to be able to change bits.  …so it was back to the manual screwdriver which had me on the floor down on my back sweating and cursing like a fish wife.  That done I used one of the shelves from my kitchen to elevate my monitor so that I wouldn’t have to look around the laptop.  Can you see that I took off the wrong side?  The drawer was supposed to be easy to open ON THE OTHER SIDE…crap!
Not too bad.  It will do until I find just the right desk.
LOL….can you believe that we still have snow in the yard????


  1. "bit holder thingy" > chuck : )

    Looks like our day here too, nice to see the sun!

  2. Rose....LOL, I knew you would give me the right name when I typed that mess.
    Yes, it was awesome outside...but snow is on its way.

  3. If anyone can find just the right desk/table, it's you Tango.

    It always amazes me when the snow melts that the grass is still green underneath. You would think that nothing would be able to live under all that.

  4. Gypsy...It's going to be harder than I thought since I really like my modified table and set up. That desk is going to have to be something really special.

    Yes, still a lot of green even after all this mess. It's been really bad for the last three weeks and more is coming.

  5. Tango, what about using an antique treddle sewing machine for a desk? They're about 36" with the top closed. The advantage being that if the power goes out, and you get bored, you can always open the machine and do some mending or something :-)

  6. Sue...this is so true. LOL...my Mom had one of those a long time ago. I wish it was still around. They'd probably want a fortune for it.


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