Got Mud??


With the temperature rising, my concrete like dirt driveway to my door is now turning into mush.  I might not be able to park there again until it dries up or deep freezes again.  Too bad, the Evil Twin was kind of clean for the last week.  Tonight I decided to park at the end of Kenny and Cyndi’s driveway….just in case.

I managed to get in touch with Jenna.  I was in bad need of having my grass cut.  Luckily she was still at work after I got off and I stopped by to see her.  My hair grows so fast and when it starts getting on my nerves by becoming unruly, I start reaching for the scissors and that’s not always a good thing.  I used to experiment with my hair but after having silver and green hair accidently in the 70’s and then stopping up the drain in the shower with hands full of my hair that was like thin strands of rubber band, I decided to leave it to the professionals.

I was waiting on car chases to arrive in my e-mail box all day yesterday, but nothing showed up.  My mind was all set to have a genuine day off on Sunday.  Then at a little before midnight they started to pop up.  So far I have 4.  LOL....that's how it goes.

Leah has set up a meet at Cici's in Centreville tomorrow at 5 PM.  We both blasted it on Facebook and so far it looks like we will have around 20 people coming.  Fun times.  It's been a while since we've gotten together and I've missed everyone terribly.  Maybe we'll get lucky and the rain holds off.


  1. have fun with the gang and BOO for having to work tomorrow (as i type this while i am sitting at work)


  2. Hey girlie girl:) Nice to see you out and about.
    Yes...BOO crap! I really thought I was going to have the whole day off. Oh well....there is always next month :)

  3. Snow always looks so pure and pristine....until it melts and then it just looks awful.

  4. Gygpsy...I thing this will be the last of. It's supposed to rain all day today and it will be in the 40's.

  5. I agree with Gypsy, we've just had loads of rain and all the snow has gone and everything looks dirty and muddy too.

    Still I'm glad to see the back of the snow.

  6.'s been raining all day and all night and there is still dirt, muddy snow. :(


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