Friday Again

Time seems to be flying.  It’s like I’m in some sort of race.


This is what the yard looked like last night when I walked to the front door.  Funny, when I was driving, the stuff that hit my windshield looked and sounded like plain rain.

The seeds that I ordered left Portland, OR yesterday and arrived in Sterling, VA early this morning.  I guess I will have them by the time I get home tonight.  I’m really excited and hope that they will send lots of reading material with the seeds.  I’ve already asked T-Jay and my Mom to save containers for starting the seeds for me.  I wonder if my little sister is doing a garden this year.  I’ll have to see if she wants to share some of my seeds.

LOL…growing this garden is  going to be interesting, especially with my anal tendencies towards neatness and clutter.  I’m sure it will be a huge battle between me and mother nature.


  1. What did you order? and was it from Territorial Seed?

  2. Guy...
    Broad Windsor Bean
    Pak Choi
    Snowball Cauliflower
    Vates Blue Curled Kale
    Iceberg Head Lettuce
    California Wonderbell (Bell Pepper)
    Ace 55 Tomato
    Blue Lake 274 Bush

    I ordered the from ABCeeds

  3. Well I hope you get a winning crop Tango. I'll let you into a little secret...Mother Nature ALWAYS wins...sorry.

  4. I thought that was a photo of a diseased eyeball for a moment. Lovely.:D

  5. too. I looking forward to having a long and rough relationship with mother nature...since I can't make her go away if she gets on my last nerve.'s too funny.

  6. 2 words. Heritage tomatoes.

    They are the SH8T!

    Oh and don't forget "Carrots Love Tomatoes" Great book on gardening tips : )

  7. Rose...thanks. I love tomatoes. So many veggies out of the stores taste like solid water, so I'm hoping that I will grow some veggies that actually taste like they're supposed to. :)

  8. You will need to start your tomatoes and peppers indoors. And Powdergirl is right about heritage tomatoes and I really doubt they are as old as they claim. Just weird mutations that look cool and wouldn't sell unless there was an extra hook to them.

  9. Guy...I will be making room for indoor planting tomorrow after I fill up my drawers with stuff that's been hanging around on the shelf unit. T-Jay has been busy collecting bottles for me.

  10. Guy 2....I ordered a catalogue from Territorial Seed.

  11. Guy 3...Heritage Tomatoe? Is that what I ordered?


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