Breezy???? WTF??

I’m looking at the weather report.  LOL….Apparently winds of 22 to 34 mph are now called breezy.

I can hear the wind, but I can’t feel it.  Putting  all that straw around my home sure has stabilized it.  Oh shit…..never mind….I just felt a big gust. Anyway, it’s a big difference from last year.  I’ll have to check and see if everything is still in place outside.

We still have snow in the yard.  At this rate, it will be here until spring.

It was 18 degrees with a wind chill of 5 degrees when I got up.  I woke up to all my vent pillows laying on the floor.  I bought these pillows last year.  You blow them up and wedge them into the ceiling vents to block the heat from escaping.  I have three of them.  They didn’t last too long and have stopped holding the air for more than a couple of days.  What a waste of money. 

So it was bubble wrap to the rescue….


Besides blocking the heat from escaping, it’s nice to have the extra light.

My dear sister Karin stopped by the dealership last night and brought me a bag of goodies from their get together at my parents home.  Gigantimus (new word) shrimps, cocktail sauce, corn bread and cheese cake.  It was awesome and that’s what was for dinner last night.  LOL…I ate the cheese cake standing up in my kitchen.  Love the stuff! :)

I had cold feet at work all day yesterday even though I had on three pairs of socks.  So much for layering….long johns, tank top, sweater, leather jacket, and another jacket over that.  Work sure isn’t very comfortable wearing all those clothes.  We ended up locking one of the doors because the wind kept on blowing it open.  Today won’t be much better, but at least it’s only for 5 hours instead of 12. 

I’m going to pull out the empty propane tank and get it refilled the first calm day this week.  I don’t think THIS one will last for 27 days, but I’m sure it will last way past the usual 7 days. :)


  1. i am sooo glad that the bubble wrap works - i hate thinking of you freezing out there!

    hey gigantimus IS already a word! and i love shrimps - especially the gigantimus kind! and cheese cake too!

    glad you got some treats!

  2. Kymber...I am soooo glad myself. you lady....what ya cookin' on your end??

  3. Glad to hear you are keeping warm anyway! It's freezing here in the UK too. We haven't got the wind though.

  4. Joe...I just got home and turned the furnace on. Time for a hot cup of tea. I could really do without the wind.

  5. Joey...the new addition to your house with all the glass, is it not hard to keep warm?

  6. I have developed an entirely new and profound respect for bubble wrap since I started reading here!

    Stay warm, maybe out some brandy in the tea, it helps you think you're warm, even when you're not.

  7. Rose....yes, me too. It's been a life saver. that's a good idea. Oh I almost forgot. Can't drink that stuff. No brandy and no makes me cry. Bizarre, I know!

  8. Well, fuck the tea then, its straight tequila for you!

  9. Rose...I'll take a straight shot of warm Grey Goose though. :)

  10. Strong winds make me all nervous and uptight for some reason. I can handle the rain and the cold but not those icy winds or even worse, hot northerly winds.

    Stay warm Tango. I sure wish I could share some of this heat with you.

  11. Gypsy....Yes wind is the only thing that really creeps me outl It was really howling last night. I hope it stops soon!

    I'd gladly share some of that warmth right now. :) Hope you are well :)


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