Bad Weather Coming, But It Could Be MUCH Worse…

iced road

iced road 2

Those cars might have to go through a couple of tanks of fuel with the defrost on high.

snow in house

We had a lot of snow, but it didn’t make it inside the house.


This would save on my electric consumption, except my door opens to the outside.  

I haven’t received any car chases all week.  Wouldn’t you know it…now that the weather is changing for the worse, they are starting to pop into my inbox.  Oh well, as with anything else, I’ll deal with it.


  1. Where did you find these pictures? They are incredible! I've never seen anything like it!

  2. Antje sent them to me the other day. Aren't they amazing?

  3. I don't think my ice scraper can handle that kind of frost!! Ouch! Too cool pics!

  4. LOL, way cool Tango! Stay safe thru your bad weather now.

  5. stay safe too. How's your cheek?

  6. I've seen those pics before and they never fail to make me shiver. That is some bad ass ice.

    Hope your weather doesn't get too bad.

  7. I'm fine; I had an elective procedure at the hospital and will blog about it in a week or so, once I know everything came out ok. Had my tatas reduced.

  8., our weather is nothing that bad. Nothing some heat won't take care of. I'm feeling bad for my friends in California.

    Donna...I'm glad you're doing well. I panicked when you didn't post for 24 hours.

  9. Yikes! When the snow gets right in the house like that, its time to move souther.

  10. shit!! Kinda creepy looking, isn't it?


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