Amazing Men

While I was at my Mom and Pop’s, my sister and her hubby shared this video with me.  Just amazing.  There are hardly any expressions on their faces.  That must take tremendous strength and concentration.  These two men had me absolutely mesmerized.

Golden Power - Sandor Vlah and Gyula Tahacs – Circo Massimo Show 2008


Then I found this video of the  Alexis Brothers…



  1. I watched these last night whle dripping sweat all over the keyboard. Aren't they incredible? Such strength and absolute control. I'm as weak as a kitten at the moment...I doubt if I could lift a tea cup so I am in awe of these guys.

  2. Gypsy...I was in awe too. Hope you feel better and that the heat goes down some. Is it always this hot? Or is this an unusual season?


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