Seems like I haven’t been here in months

I’m still getting used to not living by myself, but I sure do enjoy living just 4 minutes from work and not having to deal with the Evil Twin being dirty and dusty all the time.

My divorce should be final sometime next month and I’ll be taking my mom’s maiden name.  I still have to go to court over it.

July is the court date for the issue of not getting paid by Brookfield Washington Homes.  The trial date is set for two days.  I’m happy about this finally coming to an end, hopefully a good end!

Silly is doing fine and is getting along well with Patches, the other cat that lives here.  They spend all day chasing each other and then lay knocked out on my bed.


Patches thinks he’s hot shit!


I hope that everyone had enjoyable holidays.  I was very disappointed that Santa had been kidnapped and hope that he’s okay now…..


I get three days off a year.  One at Thanksgiving and two at Christmas.  Last Thursday I started coughing while I was at work.  Friday I had a fever of 103.7, Saturday 101.4 and Sunday the fever broke after I took some Feverfew tincture.  I didn’t get back to work until this past Tuesday.  Crap, it just doesn’t pay for me to get time off.  I’m either sick or having some kind of surgery.  I’m back to feeling awesome and very happy that I didn’t go out and buy anything to cure the symptoms.  Our bodies are pretty amazing at healing themselves if you give them the things that they need to work with. 

I just ordered a “Squeeeeek No More Kit” and hope to get it some time next week.  The squeaking floors upstairs are getting on my last nerve and they have to go away.  The noise while I’m trying to sleep is driving me nuts and I’m sick and tired of it, so I hope this works.  LOL….It’s either fixing it or not allowing anyone to walk around upstairs between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM.  Thanks for all the suggestions, Guy, I’ll let you know if it works.

Things didn’t work out for T-Jay in Atlanta, so he will be coming home on Monday.  I’ve missed him terribly and even though he hates Virginia, I’ll be glad to have him back on my end.

Time to go to work.  Wonder if anyone will come out to buy a car on New Year’s Eve?

Here’s hoping that everyone has a safe and happy slide into the new year!!!!

If you had a coupon for 50% off your first taste of genetically modified salmon, would you try it?

If you had a coupon for 50% off your first taste of genetically modified salmon, would you try it?
What if you knew that the FDA had studies - from AquaBounty, the company that wants to commercialize GMO salmon - that showed that GMO salmon is:
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  • MORE CARCINOGENIC: GMO salmon has 40% more IGF1, a hormone linked to prostate, breast and colon cancers in humans.
  • LESS NUTRITIOUS: GMO salmon has the lowest omega-3 to omega-6 ratio of any salmon.
  • LIKELY TO CHANGE THE BACTERIA IN YOUR INTESTINES: Horizontal gene transfer, where the bacteria of the human gut takes up modified DNA from GMO foods during digestion, has been shown occur with soy and is likely to happen with GMO salmon, too.
  • ALL MESSED UP: GMO salmon has increased frequency of skeletal malformations like "humpback" spinal compression, increased prevalence of jaw erosions or "screamer disease," and multisystemic, focal inflammation in its tissues.
  • NOT GOING TO SAVE WILD SALMON: The main justification for GMO salmon is that it would supposedly reduce the pressure on wild fish stocks, but consumption isn't the primary pressure on wild Alaskan salmon, destruction of their habitat is.
Please download the "50% Off" flyer. Pass it out to your friends, at the fish market, the grocery store or a seafood restaurant.
Catch people's reactions when they learn that genetically engineered animals could soon be approved by the FDA and encourage them to learn more and take action.
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Don't Forget, Tell the FDA: If you approve Frankenfish, it needs to be labeled "GMO!"
Take action before Nov. 22
From the OCA Newsletter

Prince William County Water

When I moved back in here I noticed the overpowering smell of chlorine coming out of the water faucets.  After being gone for two years and I had gotten used to the well water at Kenny and Cyndi’s house.  Luckily I figured this was going to happen so I  invested in a Travel Berkey from Berkey Filters months ago.  It takes quite a while for the water to get filtered through the four filters, but it’s worth the wait.  The taste of the water is terrific and I used to refuse to drink plain water.  Tea and coffee made with it is awesome.  I know that I am still getting chlorine, fluoride and what ever else in in the water by taking showers and washing with it, but at least I’m not drinking the shit.  According to 2010 tests on our county water it contains  Chloroform, Bromodichloromethan, Chlorodibromomethan, Bromoform, Bromate, Barium, Mercury, Fluoride (discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories), Nitrate, Bitrite, Beta/photon emitters, Chlorine, Lead, Coliform Bacteria, Copper, Trihalomethanes, Haloacetic Acids.  Yummy….NOT!  ….but there is good news!  No human or animal fecal wastes where detected.
I keep my tea and coffee gadgets and supplies on this shelf unit in my room.
Notice the discoloring on the second shelf…
This is what happened when I washed dishes in the county water, didn’t dry them off, and put them on this shelf.

Thank you, Juli :)

When I got home a little while ago, I had a package from Juli at Ozark Gypsy Art sitting on my chair.  Many herbal teas, hand made soaps, candles, toys for Silly, cream, soap powder, and a piece of jewelry called a Dragonfly Dance.   I think that Silly had just as much fun unwrapping everything as I did.
CIMG8006 CIMG8007
Oh the smells…they are just hypnotizing.
CIMG8008 CIMG8011
CIMG8030 CIMG8031
Looks like I’ll have to keep that box/cat bed around a while. :)
Silly, playing with her new toy.
I can’t wait to try out one of the teas tomorrow.  Thanks again, Juli :)

Life unraveling? Not really!


….but my curtains are.  I was waiting for the end of summer and the beginning of colder weather to put the finishing touches on my curtains for the trailer.  Things changed and I moved, so now it’s time to unravel the curtains and start a new project. :)

I had a run in with two guys driving door to door with their Capital Meat truck the other day.  One of them came knocking on our door and sell their cut rate meat.  The first thing I asked him was:  “Where did this meat come from?”  He answered: “From our warehouse.”  LOL  Before I could stop him, he ran back to the truck and was about to carry three huge boxes of meat to our door.  I caught up with him and asked him if the meat was organic.  He told me: “It’s better than organic.  It’s all natural.  Best of all, it’s endorsed by the Washington Redskins.”   He had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants.

Sunset Brought To You By…..Miller Toyota Scion

LOL…..isn’t it beautiful?



It’s kind of nice to be able to get home in less than five minutes.

Now time for some hot tea and Sons Of Anarchy on

Gloomy Wednesday with Thunder Storms

It’s thundering outside and raining like there’s no tomorrow.  I managed to get my chases done this morning before the rain started up again.  Got home just in time :)  It’s just plain nasty out there.  Right now we have a tornado watch until 8 PM.


It looks down right depressing out there.

Last week I finished unpacking/repacking, and moving stuff around.  I emptied out the shed that’s in the back yard, took out empty boxes and made a whole lot of room in there.  Then I boxed up my kitchen stuff and put it on the shelves out there. 


This was before…


….and this was after.

I got so much stuff out of my room that I can finally find things.  LOL….no more stuff under the bed.  Much better!!

I noticed that I can’t seem to be able to keep air in two of my tires.  I’m wondering if it has to do with the damaged rims that are holding them.  I might have to see if I can get a cheap set to replace them.  I’m putting more air in every couple of days and it’s getting on my last nerve. Yesterday one of the tires only had 9.8 pounds in it.

Time to get a few more things done, then it’s off to Millers’

Last night at Casino Night

We had a great turn out last night.  Many familiar faces that I hadn’t seen in many months and some new one that I hadn’t met before.
Sarah was cleaning that table up….
LOL….look at that stack of chips ^
LOL….Candice had on her SERIOUS face.
^^^This was the official Chat Table were some of the crew decided not to actually play, but to cash in their money for tickets at the end of the event.  We all hadn’t seen each other in so long, it was nice to just hang out and be together.
I don’t know this guy, ^^ but his name is Jimmy.  He’s now  Leah’s Facebook profile photo.
Thanks to Sandra and Scion Corporation and Miller Toyota Scion for providing the many prizes.
Thanks to Ken, Jeremy, Wilber, Carmen, and Jamie for helping out last night!!
……and the biggest thanks goes to all of you that came out.   Without you this would not have been possible.  Congratulations to all the winners.  I hope all of you had an awesome time, I know I did!

Today is Casino Night Part II at Miller Toyota Scion

It's been such a long time since I've seen my extended family. 

I'm going to pop on over to the used car building around 2 PM to see if the Scion Racing Urban Utility Vehicle is set up.  I brought my laptop, so I'll be taking pictures on how things are progressing.  I've never seen the SRUUV before.  I hear it's pretty awesome.

It’s Finally Over

As promised, Kenny and Jason came by the trailer this morning and helped me get some of the bigger stuff to the townhouse.  Thanks, Guys :)  I appreciate it very much!!

Then I came back one more time to pick up my poor pussy.  Poor thing.  She didn’t know what was going on with me emptying the place, coming and going.  She jumped right into her carrier, but carried one something awful all the way to Manassas.  This is the first time I appreciate red lights……long red lights.  That’s about the only time she shut up.  She’s passed out on the couch now.  No napping all day due to her checking out her new friend, Patches.  She kept him at arms length at all times with a few slaps in the face.

I had a few more boxes to unpack…..


and then it was on to finding a place for rest of my things.  It took all afternoon since I don’t have any dressers.  My socks and underwear are now in the file cabinet. :)

I’ll probably do some more re-arranging, but this is okay for now. 

CIMG7915Here is the new work area.  I’m pretty happy with my Verizon internet, but not at all happy with the phone reception.  Weird!!


I have a curtain that I will put across my make-believe closet…..that is, as soon as I find it. :)


Ha, that’s actually a computer cabinet under the TV.  There just isn’t any room for the computer in it.


LOL….so much for hiding stuff under the bed.




Next week I will go back to the trailer to vacuum and wipe down everything.  It won’t take long since I followed one of the tips from Juli at Wild Moon Cottage.  I wiped everything down as I packed it up.

I’m going to straighten things up a bit more, then shower and off to sleep.  I’m beat!!  Tomorrow I’ll tackle the back yard. 

Stopped by Burnside Farm….

….before going to work yesterday.  I had gotten an email from Katie letting me know that they now grow their own Wheatgrass.  It’s always a pleasure to stop by there and they were in full swing for Halloween with pumpkins everywhere.




Of course I had to stop and see the animals.


Including the most bizarre chicken that I have ever seen.


My favorite was the blue eyed pony.



Here are the famous fainting goats.



This is one dually I’d love to have.



…..and here are the goodies I was looking for.  Two pounds of Wheatgrass and four quarts of honey.  That should last me a while.  I’m glad that Burnside Farm is not too far away from me in Manassas.  It’s about 7 miles, so I’ll still be stopping there

I juiced some Wheatgrass this morning and was really worried of how it would taste.  Not so bad really, it’s kind of sweet.  No problem to get it down at all.

Most of my belongings are already in Manassas and Kenny is helping me move the few larger items that I have on Wednesday morning.  Tomorrow I’ll go over there to re-arrange stuff and then put some of my things away.  I hope that it doesn’t rain tonight or tomorrow because I have asked T-Jay to move most of my boxes outside into the back yard.  The clutter of the boxes stacked up on one of the walls of his room was driving me nuts.  This way I can put away one thing at a time and all those boxes won’t be in my way.  Even though I haven’t added much to my belongings over the past two years, it still seems a lot of stuff to me.  I might have to downsize some more once I get all moved in.

Today is T-Jay’s last day here. :) He’ll be boarding his train at 7:20 tonight. It’s a sad day for me.  I haven’t accomplished much today and have just kind of been moping around.  I’m hoping that I’ll be strong enough not to fall apart later today.

More Packing and Moving

I’ve taken boxes of my stuff to Manassas almost daily.  I intended to do so today, but it’s raining, so I’m just boxing up some more things. By the end of the week I will only have a few things left besides things that I need every day.  I’ll have my little desk, my little couch, my trash bin, coffee table and three shelf units.  Oh…and the most important thing…my laptops, speaker system, TV and printer.

My pussy seems to get a kick out of the action.  She’s exploring places that she hasn’t been in lately.


Hiding in the bathroom closet.


Catching a nap on the top of a pile of boxes.

My Mom, T-Jay and I saw this on Tuesday.  What is it?  A bug or a butterfly.  It was beautiful.



The three of us had a great time hanging out on Tuesday.  This will be the last time for a while that T-Jay and his Oma will see each other.

It’s funny how we are affected by things that are going on in our lives.  First I was sad to be moving….now I’m sad because T-Jay is moving so far away.


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