A Trip Down Memory Lane Thanks To Okka

Okka uploaded some old family photos yesterday.  This is my Mom and I on the day of my christening in 1957….

My Mom and I  at my christening 1957

Me at age 6 in 1964….

me 1964

On the day we left Germany to join our father in the US in the summer of 1968.  I think the ship was called the Hanseatic, I’ll have to ask my Mom.  All our belongings were in two large wooden crates.  Look at all the clothes we had on…..7 days later we arrived in New York and it was 107 degrees…..

Getting ready to board the ship for our trip to America 1968

How scary that must have been for our Mom to get rid of all of our belongings, pack the three of us up, say goodbye to family and friends not knowing if and when she would see them again and go to a strange land to start all over again.

My Mom’s a gutsy lady :)


  1. Very cool photos, Tango. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Auntie...thanks. :) I really need to go and dig in my Mom's photos. She has a ton of them.

  3. I was hoping that the pics might trigger memories! It must have been a really big thing, leaving the known for the unknown. What was it like when you arrived? I guess you spoke hardly any English, did you? New school, no mates, it must have been hard at first.

  4. Okka...yes it did. You've got me wanting to scan the old photos and put them together somewhere. :)

    Yes it was hard and no, we did not speak any English.

  5. Oh, great photos and memories. My dad was an avid photog and always had a darkroom, so we have lots of photos and had fun looking through a few boxes this year. I'll put it on my list for 2010 to get some scanned...

  6. Teri....I still have a box of negatives from when T-Jay was little. I need to see if I can have them developed. Isn't there are tool that was created to do this on the computer?
    I hope hat when you finally got to Oregon, your time was awesome!! What an adventure you had getting there. :)

  7. Yes, the photos are fabulous! Yes, you can buy a machine that you put the negatives in and make digital pics from them. I have not looked at them for a long while so I imagine they must be cheaper now. Seeing all these pictures is making me look for a flatbed scanner today.

  8. Karin...I looked at those machines today. The lowest is about 20 bucks, but then I have no idea how well that would work. Sending them out would cost me a fortune. :(
    Have fun shopping :)

  9. What gorgeous photos. You are so cute.

    I have the utmost admiration for my Mum too. We left England when I was four and my brother and sister were even younger. When we arrived my Dad had to go away to work as there wasn't any locally so Mum was alone in a strange country with 3 very young children. At least we spoke the language though which is always a big barrier to get through.

  10. Gypsy...it looks like we both have gutsy Moms.


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