Spam….not my favorite food!

not my favorite

One of my Sunday morning rituals is going through my spam folder.  Usually I just delete the spam, but once in a while I read through them to get a laugh.

I especially enjoy the ones that are made to look like they were sent to me by accident.

Like this one from dear Lana Hannah: “Dear Bex, My mom has sent me this link and now I want to share it with you! All the meds we used to buy here are much more cheaper in Canada, and they are of the same quality. We have ordered with Canadian Pharmacy many times already. So we definitely know that there is no scamming here.  Hugs, Mary”

I see they still don’t have the minor gender issue straightened out: “Do You Want A LargerPenis?
Natural Herbal Pills(100% no side effect Guaranteeed!) Gives You 2-4 More 1nches With A $ Back Guaranteeed
As Seen on TV product!
Click here to Bigger your Weapon TODAY!”

^^^It’s Guaranteeed! LOL

….or this one from Madge Romano.  She found this important information while searching for recipes: “Hi, Judy, My husband was in despair when he failed to perform in bed. You know what a sensitive matter it is to discuss it tête-à-tête. So I just sent him a link I had found while browsing the net for some pastry recipes. Now I can tell you that I have found a recipe for a happy love life too! Mary”

Does anyone really click on these?

Only 38 spam messages….I think they take a break on the weekends.


  1. Does anybody really click on these? Yes, probably those same people who send money to those Nigerian scammers in hopes of finding true love...

  2. Teri...said with all the education about these scams, people are still being victimized.
    ...hey!!! I thought you were in Oregon?

  3. Every now and again I have a look at the penis enlargement ones only because it fascinates me that they could write such drivel. Sheesh.

  4. Will be in Orygun from 12/21-1/ out closets now, in between blogging of course

  5. Teri....and of course your babies are helping you....or hindering:)

  6. Does anyone ever click on them? That's how I found your blog.


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