Snow? Bring it on!!

If the weather “predictors” are correct, we should get between 6 and 12 inches of snow between tonight and Sunday.  I’m taking care of a few things before the shit hits the fan.

Actually I’m pretty excited because Ruben and I are in charge of a community in Centreville when it snows.  I’ll have to remind him to get a truck load of salt today before it gets really bad.  This way he won’t have to travel further to pick it up.  This weekend should make for a nice paycheck. :)

I have 4 car chases that I need to take care of today, but they are in Gainesville, Bristow and Manassas.  No big deal, I will take care of them before going to Millers tonight.

I’ll pick up a few things at the store today, including some anti-freeze for my black water tank so that it won’t freeze up on me.  I’ll dump it before I leave since it won’t get much above freezing for until Thursday next week.

Yesterday I did a few things around the house to keep it nice and snugly in here.



Since the screen door is so flimsy, I wrapped the entire thing in bubble wrap except for the small opening for the door handle.  Then I also have a curtain that covers the entire area.


This is in front of the door that goes to the bathroom and bedroom.  Just enough to keep most of the air out and still let my pussy be able to get to her litter box.

The propane tank is holding up a lot longer than last winter.  I’m very happy about that.  Even if that one runs out in the next couple of day, I have the second tank hooked up and ready for the switch over if needed.

I noticed that the counties had started to treat the roads around here two days ago… this is going to be serious weather we’re heading into.  That’s fine with me….I’m ready, this time around. :)


There is my pussy on “HER” chair.  That blanket WAS neatly folded up when I left for work yesterday.  Wonder how long it took her to mess it up like that?


LOL…..that bowl was half full when I left yesterday.  She has carefully removed all the gravy and left all the meat.

Teri….please let me know when you find a vendor that sells cat gravy without the meat. :)  

Snow is supposed to start right around the time I get off tonight.  It should be an interesting drive home.  I sure am glad that it’s just 10 miles.  Be safe everyone!!!  For those that own them…..keep those Scions on the ground! :)


  1. I hope the snow is all over by the time I am to fly out to Oregon on Monday...

    You could buy cans of canned gravy and mash up "pate" type cat food in it...

    Cornish Rex do like to would be fun to have a nanny cam and see her in action.

  2. Teri...I'm sure it will be all over with by Sunday night, but the temperatures don't look good. :(

    She won't eat it, I've tried. This is why I get the chunky least she'll eat the gravy.

    Yes, I wish I had a nanny cam...she gets awfully buys when I leave her. She moved stuff from the kitchen way out to the bedroom, like sponges and towels. I wonder what goes on in that brain of hers.

  3. Coco steals the hand towel from the half bath off the kitchen all the's called environmental stimulation!

  4. Teri....LOL...she loves that sponge and will fish it out of the water if she has too.

  5. Your cat is quite the character. My dogs like to scuff up their blankets and snuggle too. It's hilarious watching them "make their bed".

    Snow looks so pretty but it sounds like a pain in the butt to live with. I have lived in it before when I worked at a ski resort but of course everything was taken care of for the tourists. Well except for digging our way out of our rooms after a big dump.

  6.'s like having a young child around. When she gets too quiet I have to look and see what kind of mischief she's into.

    I love snow on the first day. Would love it on the second and third day except then it gets all dirty and nasty looking.


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