Rotkohl, Rolladen, Kartoffeln und Sosse

Actually I was supposed to spend yesterday at my Mom’s house, but she had too much going on so we just postponed it to today.  So at a little after 9 AM I drove to her house.

It was such a gloomy day, but I took some photos on the way there.  The clouds looked like a huge unmade bed.



When I got to Mom’s it was time for a good cup of coffee while she fixed me up with my all time favorite meal.  Rot Kohl (Red Cabbage), Rolladen (Thin slices of beef stuffed with pickles, bacon, onion, German mustard, salt and pepper), Kartoffels (Potatoes) and Sosse (Sauce) to die for.  I was in food heaven.



I always get a kick out of taking photos of unusual things that Mom has around the house.



I had a very relaxing and fun afternoon.  Then it was time to get ready to go to Millers.  Of course, no trip to Mom’s is complete without going through the garage.  This is were we find cast-offs of things that have been replaced in the house.

I came home with a mail center which will come in handy


…..and some new curtains for my kitchen


Of course, my pussy had to get in the picture.


It was a perfect day!

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny.  I’ve got three car chases lined up and it will be a nice day for a road trip. :)


  1. Your cat's eyes are a gorgeous

    I'm glad you had a good time at your mum's and I love her stuff too. I liked the "Snap out of it" thing.

  2. Gygpsy... "snap out of it" I can see my Mom saying.

  3. There's nothing like some good home cookin'.

    Glad you enjoyed your road trip.

    Really cool clouds, btw.

  4. Candice...but you know I couldn't fit through my front door side ways if I had my Mom's cooking every day. LOL...I'd sure enough have to get a "shake weight"


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