Manual Coffee Dripping


The UPS package was at Kenny’s and Cyndi’s front porch when I got home last night.  It was really hard for me not to make a cup of coffee right then and there, but I held off until this morning.  It was totally worth it.  I made a delicious cup this morning and the whole process only took 5 minutes.  I’ll get some filters that will actually fit when I use up the old ones.  I’ll keep the coffee maker for when I have company. :)

My right eye is back to normal. I’m still using the drops until I use them up.  I learned my lesson of not using up medication  that’s prescribed up a long time ago when I suffered from ear infections two or three times a month.

I have to leave home early today.  Time to pick up some dry food for my pussy, then off to the insurance office to see which one of three different totals is the correct one to pay.  I e-mailed them the day before yesterday about this.  Then I called them yesterday and they promised to call me back…no they didn’t.  Now I’m going in person.  Their customer service truly sucks!!!


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