Major Brain Fog

I am soooo beat

I had the most awful and the most comfortable night last night.  I received a small energy efficient blanket yesterday and couldn’t wait to try it out.

Got home, relaxed a bit and plugged in the new blanket.  I put two blankets on top of that one and then plugged the new baby in. 

When I got ready to go to bed I turned the heat down to 40 and went to bed.  It was soooooo awesome and soooooo soft and soooooo warm.  I think I was asleep in 5 minutes.

So…..a while later my Blackberry that’s plugged in at my desk goes off telling me that I received an e-mail.  I can’t believe that I didn’t turn the sound off before I went to bed.  I didn’t get up to turn it off.  It was so warm in my bed and so very cold in my home and I dozed back off.

I never did turn the damn thing off.  When the alarm went off this morning, I had gotten 28 e-mails.  This means that I had 28 naps in 7 hours because I heard it alert me EVERY time I got an e-mail.

I paid for it at work today.  Major brain fog!!!!  We had two dealer exchanges today and I had to get two vehicles ready to go to two different dealerships.  Later on for about 20 minutes I was convinced that I had made a major mistake and send the wrong vehicle to the wrong dealership.  Talk about freaking out!!  Turns out I didn’t…what a relief that was.

Then at about two o’clock we had customers with unruly, miss behaving, screaming children and I HAD to go away for a while so that I wouldn’t say shit that I would get in trouble for.  I have a real issue not being able to keep my mouth shut when I get tired and before you know it all kinds of stuff starts FALLING out of my mouth.

I am so glad this day is over.  I just turned my alerts off so that I can sleep all night through.

Here’s to waking up not being a complete dizzy bitch in the morning!! :)


  1. You got 28 emails during the night? Wow I must be very unpopular because I would be lucky if I got 3 or 4.

    It's terrible when you are all comfortable and warm and you know you should get up because then whatever is annoying you (with me its dripping taps) will be shut down but you.just.can't.DO.IT.DAMMIT.

  2. Gypsy....I normally do turn things off, cut just couldn't bring myself to get out in the cold. Drips are another thing that drives me crazy.

  3. ....and 4 of the emails were letting me know that someone had commented on your blog. :)


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