Lexy Lives On

My son, T-Jay, posted this video that was made for Scion Corporation a couple of years ago.  I had forgotten about it and didn’t know it was still around.

Sure brings back many happy less stressful memories.  She (Lexy) is gone now.  I sold her over a year ago and it was hard to let her go.  The man that bought her originally bought her for his brother and then decided to keep her for himself.  Then about 5 months ago, she was on EBay…totally stripped down, for sale again.  It was sad.  I had her for 4 years and she brought me much happiness and a huge extended family, Scion Evolution.

Due to the economy and money being tight, things have slowed down in the Scion community, but we are still around.  Our priorities have changed and most of us are just trying to keep our shit together while we wait for things to change and get better. We might not get together every week like we used to, but we still keep in touch and are there for each other when we need to be.

Thanks T-Jay, for the drive down memory lane with my first cup of coffee this morning. :)



  1. Guy...that interview was the hardest thing for me to do especially since it was not an answer and question type of deal.


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