I Think The Storm Is Finally Done….

That’s what Scott said at 9 PM last night.  I don’t know because I refused to open the door and share my heat with the outdoors.

This is this morning…..



I know I should have blocked the little space  behind my steps.  Looks like quite a few critters made their way up under my house to spend the night last night.  I see they took advantage of the path that I dug yesterday. No wonder my pussy was acting up last night and I had a hard time getting her to be quiet……..


I dug a patch going from my front door to Kenny and Cyndi’s driveway…..




After it started to get dark, Kenny’s Dad brought his tractor and cut a path from the Evil Twin to the gravel road………



This morning I had visions of digging my car out so that I could make it to work at noon.  It looks like we got another inch or so of snow before it finally stopped. …..




….and this is as far as I got before my fingers and toes got numb….


It looks like it will take longer than I thought.  Still waiting for my toes to thaw out.

Ruben called me at 9:30 last night to let me know that they were coming in.  He and his crew had been out there for 14.5 hours shoveling snow.  It was very hard for them to clear the walkways because of the winds blowing the snow.  On top of that new snow kept on coming. He said that they were beat,  and cold.  They are out there again this morning clearing the walkways  and then applying salt.  He and his crew put in over 100 hours yesterday.  Hopefully they won’t have to be out there that long.

Well, I can almost feel my toes, so I’ll go out there again in a few minutes. :)


  1. oh my, your place looks like mine and so far no ones done the road out of here. I am not sure what I will do in the morning but might call a cab tonight and get out to the airport early as I probably won't sleep anyway. I will have to walk up the road with my suitcase to meet a cab though, haha.

  2. I was thinking about you and your upcoming trip earlier when Joe said that he was going back home to the UK tomorrow. So the flight is still on at it's scheduled time? Calling a cab tonight might be a good idea. It's early, maybe somebody will plow the roads later.

  3. Good thing you had the red ribbon tied to the car or you may not have found it until April.

  4. Sheesh...for the first time in my life I am grateful for the heat we are experiencing though it has been a relatively mild December.

    Now I understand about all the bubble wrap.

    Stay warm Tango and keep inside as much as you can.

  5. Guy....no kidding :)
    Gypsy....keep inside?? Ha, I had to dig out my car so I can be at work tomorrow.

  6. I know its a lot of work, and I can empathize, but, Damn! It sure is pretty : )

    Its always the fingers and toes that freeze, hey?

  7. Rose....yes it is. LOL..I'm paying for the shoveling already...muscles, that I forgot I had, are screaming.
    ....but it's all good. :)

    The toes and finger freezing is due to equipment failure, I'm sure. The boots and gloves that I have aren't meant for this kind of weather.

  8. Leave it to you to make a snowman out of your car, haha.

    Update...no cabs running, petsitters hubby took me to Arlington to spend the night with a friend who has a cabby friend from Michigan or someplace used to weather and he got me there...only to get stuck in SF for 7 hours...least it wasn't overnight like some I saw...

  9. All this time I thought that you couldn't make it out of here.


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