I Had Quite A Scare….

……when I got home last night.

I walked in the door and heard a strange sound, like something running, as in a machine.  It came from the bathroom and of course I was freaking out not knowing what it could be.  I know that I had turned everything off before I left.

When I got in the bathroom, my hair dryer was hanging on the wall…..running.


Now….how do you suppose my pussy turned it on?  LOL…she must have been bouncing off the walls while I was gone!

Sarah brought her dog, Sinbad, to work yesterday.  I think he is the largest Doberman I have ever seen…..


Usually when someone brings a dog to work, everyone gathers around with ooohhs  and aaaahhs, talking baby talk to them, petting them.   LOL…not this time.  Everybody kept their distance.

Today I am finally going to brave out to the “wilderness” of Culpeper to take care of a chase that I’ve had since the snow.  By the looks of it, most of it has melted and I should be able to make it out there and back.  It’s supposed to be very windy, but it should make a nice road trip with the sun shining even though it won’t make it to 40 degrees today.  Maybe the wind (30 mph) will dry out the yard a bit.  Getting covered with mud from my door to my car is getting pretty old. :(


  1. No wonder Sarah has a cross hanging in her car ... what a huge dog! Doesn't mean he's friendly though. Anyway, wouldn't wanna get meet him after dark.

  2. Now that dog is scary!

    Maybe you could get your cat to turn on the oven for you so that by the time you get home your meal is ready for you? ;D

  3. That is one clever cat you have there Tango.

    That dog is BIG but it has a sweet face. I wouldnt want to meet it face to face though.

  4. Maybe Silly wanted her own purrsonal heater? Mine have never done that, but I do keep the bathrooms closed when I am not home--if I remember.

  5. Okka....lol...if I met up with him in a dark alley, I'd pull out the pepper spray in a New York second.

    Joey... I'm lucky that thing didn't overheat and catch on fire. No telling how long it was on. The whole dryer felt hot.

    Gypsy...At least she stopped turning the faucet on in the kitchen. I always have to super tighten it when I leave.

    Teri....I can't close the bathroom because I keep her litter box in the bedroom. If she has enough sense to know the dryer will warm her, then she's getting really scary.


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