Ha…..So Much For State Maintained Roads

Yesterday was a major nail biting butt hole puckering day.  All the main roads where dry and easy to travel on, but the individual subdivision were in a mess.  Some of them only had enough space cleared for one car to drive through…others didn’t remove ANY snow at all…


Most of these roads are private roads, but they are in very expensive neighbors where people pay hefty monthly HOA (home owners association) fees.

This is a state maintained road……


All in all I drove 82 miles, but due to all the snow left on the streets I only stopped for 2 stop signs.  I was afraid to come to a complete stop and get stuck.  Luckily there was not much traffic so I didn’t have to avoid running into anyone.  I was only too glad to get back on the main roads after this.  Had to stop twice to kick snow and ice off in the wheel well  liners because I could hear the tires scraping against it.

I for one will be very happy when they come out with GPS that has snow route options. :)

LOL…..and here I am crying and bitching about our snow storm.  Check out the photos that Kymber sent me from their last snow storm in Ottawa, Canada.

Kymber’s advise on what to do when you’re snowed in is……

Kymber, that sure is a lot of glass in your home…..it’s just screaming for bubble wrap :)

I have four chases for today, but I have cancelled two and postponed the one that I still have for Culpeper.  I know I would probably get stuck out there.  That leaves me with one in Woodbridge for this afternoon.

I was down to two coffee filters yesterday and I ALMOST stopped at a store to buy some.  Changed my mind when I saw the parking lots.  The traffic was unbelievable and the people totally off their rockers.  At this rate I won’t be visiting any stores until next year.  No thanks….I’ll be using napkins, paper towels, nylons and anything else I can find around the house to filter my coffee.

Tonight is my last night of work at Millers until Saturday.  On Friday I will drive up to my Mom’s and Pop’s house to spend the day with them.  Mom called me yesterday to let me know that she had baked a German cheese cake.  I’m drooling just thinking about it.

I’m still debating on taking my pussy along to my Mom’s.  She hates to ride in my car and yowls (is this a word?) and carries on during the whole time she’s in there.  I don’t know if I can take that for the 40 minute drive. 

I’ll probably leave her at home. :(


  1. This is just crazy.

    Last night when I went to bed at 11.30pm it was still 98F outside. It's much cooler now thank goodness but it was an uncomfortable night. I'm sweating, you're freezing and we live on the same planet. Yep it's crazy!

    Have a wonderful Christmas at your Mum's and please save me a piece of that cheesecake (or I will settle for a picture). Big hugs Tango xx

  2. Gypsy....yes, it's crazy!!!
    I'd be happy to give you half of my cold. Can't give you all of it since I don't like the heat either :) If it were up to me it would be 65 degrees year round.

    You have a wonderful day too, hear? I'll be sure to take a good photo of the cheese cake before we dig into it and destroy it. :)

  3. Tango - have you ever given catnip to your cat? if not, get some and then give her some right before the trip. catnip makes my cats sleepy - hopefully it will do the same for her. but yes - you should bring her to your Mom's even if she yowls!

    i hope that you have a wonderful Christmas at your Mom's and i look forward to chatting in the new year!

    all the best to you, my friend!

  4. Kymber...I didn't know that. I thought it made them hyper and playful, lol neither of which she needs any help in.

    I'm still debating about it. Maybe she should smoke a joint to calm her nerves.

    Same to you Kymber. I hope that you and Jamie have the best of holidays.
    Hugs to you both :)


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