Found the Vicks VapoRub


^^^Couldn’t resist taking a photo of this while giggling uncontrollably.  I was at World Market.  Christmas time is a good time to go there. They have a lot of German candy, chocolate, and cookies which we grew up with.  Lots of things to make me go down memory lane.

Okay, so I tore the house apart looking for the VapoRub all week.  I know I had bought some!!!!  I just now found it in the middle of my seasoning container in the kitchen cabinet.  It never dawned on me to look there. I’m surely losing my mind.  I’ve done things like this before like…..taking my TV remote with me instead of my cell phone….or putting the remote in the refrigerator.  I sure hope that I’m not the only one that does this!!!!!

This year is the first time since I started working at Millers that we have the 24th and 25th day off.  Nice long holiday.   I’ll be spending the 25th at my Mom’s and Pop’s house.  T-Jay hasn’t felt well for the last week or so and I hope he feels better so that he can join us in our get together.

I’m happy that I was able to park closer to my door the other day.  I got my propane tank refilled.  Since it rained again since then, I drove around with the tank in my back seat for days.  Finally it was dry enough to drive up close to unload that heavy sucker.  Now I’m parked away from my home again since the lawn has turned back into mashed potato consistency.  Today I’ll hook the tank, that’s now sitting in front of my door, back up.  It’s supposed to warm up a bit.  :)


  1. Spotted Dick is a very traditional English pudding and as far as I'm concerned tastes as horrible as it sounds. :D

  2. Joe....well, I'm sure glad I didn't buy any of it.

  3. Spotted Dick....LMAO. I have heard of it of course as I am English but who in their right mind would try and tempt someone to eat something called Spotted dick. Who comes up with these names?

    Don't worry about the remote in the refrigerator. I do stuff like that all the time. I once found my phone in a box of washing powder. I don't even want to think about how that happened.

  4. Gypsy....I wonder what came first the product or the slang?
    Soap powder? LOL... at least you had a fine smelling phone!

  5. I mix up the phone and the remote ALL the time. I thought it was an old age thing.

  6. Donna....I've had issues like that as long as I can remember. I remember when I had an adding machine on my desk and I would have the phone receiver on my ear and dialing number on the machine.

  7. Sounds like an STD. Nothing more unappetizing than that!


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