Coffee and Electricity

So I’ve noticed that making a cup of coffee seems to take longer and longer…..or am I just homogenizing?

This is my coffee maker.


It takes exactly 11 minutes to make one cup.   Yes, I know I’m anal and I timed it.  I make one cup at a time and unplug the coffee maker after I finish to keep those vampires at bay.  That’s why the time is never right.

This is my water kettle.


It takes exactly 2 minutes to heat one cup of water to boiling.

So, since Google is my friend, I started searching on line for another option and found one of these. 



Not a bad price at $9.99 with free shipping.  I remember my Mom had something similar back in the Germany and I’ll never forget the smell of her coffee.  Coffee should taste even better since every week I have to cycle vinegar and water through MR Coffee because of all the crud that’s built up on the inside.  It’s pretty gross!

I just finished putting bubble wrap on half of my kitchen window.  I want to leave the other half open so that my pussy and I can have one clear view window in our home.


I also covered the vent in the kitchen to keep any heat from leaking out.


I have three vents like this and the only one that’s not covered is the one in the bathroom to take care of the condensation from taking a shower.  I’ll probably start covering that one too as winter gets colder.

One of the most worried about things when living in a travel trailer full time is the condensation.  The bubble wrap has stopped most of it.  The only place that I have to wipe off daily is the metal frame that surrounds each window.  Last year I was using 3 or 4 towels a day to get rid of the puddle in the frames.  No condensation on the walls or anywhere else.  That’s good news….no mold growing here. :)

Well…time for breakfast.  Yes I know it’s 12:55 PM :)


  1. You should get yourself one of those Keurig single cup coffee makers.

    I'm not a coffee drinker, but the one where I work makes green tea as well, and it's so convenient! It's done in less than a minute.

  2. Candice...yep, I used to have something similar, but it was huge and I have very limited space. Plus, I haven't found any coffee maker that could do it in 2 minutes.

    For me it's all about saving electricity.
    :) I love my tea at night.

  3. I used to love the smell of coffee until I got pregnant. I have never liked it since. Weird huh? I'd die without tea though.

  4. Gypsy...that is weird. I used to drink a lot of sodas, but drink them rarely now. The coffee post never gets cold at my home.


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