BBBRRRR….9 Degrees at 8:30 This Morning

LAST winter I had no running water at 11 degrees and I was  bathing at the sink with a gallon jug of water.  I’m so happy that all the research and work of insulating my home has paid off.

LOL….five minutes after I published yesterdays blog, I had a knock on the door.  It was Asia, Cyndi and Kenny’s daughter with a box of coffee filters in her hand.  Thanks Cyndi :)  Later my sister posted this on Facebook….. “blog it and they will come” :)


My pussy chillin’ and catching rays yesterday.  LOL…notice the temperature gadget measuring the temperature of the outside of the window warmed up by the sun….


This morning darev2005 mentioned that his computer had a virus.  That made me think about mine.  It’s been running a bit sluggish especially when I first turn it on in the morning.  Since I won’t be going anywhere today, I’ll take care of some maintenance.  I downloaded the newest version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  I have other protection on this laptop, but something always slips through the cracks.  This may catch something that my other software may have missed.

I’ve been trying to knit my Mom a few dish towels and unraveling and starting over a dozen times, I finally think I’ve gotten the hang of it.  Not perfect, but with some practice, it will pass.  I hope to have a few more to take to Mom’s tomorrow.  The one on the left is one that my Mom bought online.  I need some practice!!!…


Kaydee posted pictures of Christmas in Southern Australia.  It would feel mighty strange for me to celebrate this holiday in 100+ degrees.  I’m sending some cold air your way. :)

…so what’s up with my “bold” button?  Weird…couldn’t get it to “unbold”.

Computer has scanned for 1 hour now and found one infected object.  Not too bad.

Scanned 1 hour 17 minutes…..crap….12 infected objects found.  LOL….to be continued…


  1. Tango,
    Thanks for your software updates and for having that free software thing on yous side bar. I just have to remember to check it every day.

  2. Guy...You're very welcome. I had no clue that anyone ever paid attention to that link. I've found some interesting and useful stuff listed there. Remember always to check their comments section before downloading stuff.

  3. Happy Christmas Tango, it's been great getting to know you this year!

  4. Joey....same here, Joey. I hope you have the happiest of holidays. :)

  5. Your kitty looks happy, not chillin at all, though you might knit her a sweater, hahameow

  6. LOL.... I might have to see if I can find a nice pattern.


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