Another Year Flew By

I can’t believe it’s New Years Eve.  Where did the time go?  I remember that time was dragging by when I was waiting to turn 18.  Ha, don’t have to worry about time dragging by now, do I?

This beautiful photo was taken by a man in Front Royal, VA during the last snow storm….

Front Royal train

The snow is almost gone now, but there is still enough left over in the yard for me to still use the path that I dug.

I was all set to go to my Mom and Papi’s house before work today, but I was asked to come in early to work, so I’ll see if I can make it there sometime next week.  Maybe the weather will be better.  Icy rain hitting my roof this morning woke me up.

I finally finished the commercial inspection yesterday.  After researching the company more, I found a photo of the storefront on and it turned out the the company had two names.  That explains why no one new what I was talking about.

The people of Fall Church must have been having a bad day yesterday.  Everyone was so impatient.  Riding my bumper to make me go faster while I was trying to avoid pot holes.  An elderly lady was screaming and cursing at her mother in the parking lot.  While I was taking photos a guy from the grocery store in the shopping center tried to get me to take photos of where the snow removal crew had screwed up and it took a while to explain to the guy that this was not what I was there for.  After I was done, I was too glad to go back to the calmer side of the world.

It looks like my next day off will be on the 9th, that’s if I don’t have to chase anyone. 

Thanks for stopping by, for the laughter and advice.  I wish all of you a happy and safe slide into this coming year.

…and for those that own them, keep those Scions on the ground. :)


  1. Hi Tango, a happy new year to you too! Don't you have off on January 1st? Poor you!
    Anyway, how nice to have met you in the big, big internet. I always look forward to hearing from you lot over there. Hasn't internet let the world become a small place? Say hello to Renate and Emil and the rest of the bunch. Hope you all have a nice weekend together!

  2. Guy....Lovies and hugs right back at you. :), no time off. Are car dealership closed in Germany tomorrow?
    LOL...yes, the internet makes the world so much smaller.
    I won't be seeing Mom and Emil this weekend do to my schedule. I'll see them sometime next week. I will say hello to them for you. :)

  3. Brrrr, freezing rain as a wake-up call is only good if you get to roll over and go back to sleep!

    That picture is print-worthy, its a beautiful
    shot of raw power, I like that : )

    Happy New Year to you and your's Tango, and all the very best in 2010.



  4. Happy New Year, Big Sis! *Smooches*

  5. Powdergirl....I love that photo and wish I had a wall big enough to have an enlarged copy of it.
    Happy New Year to you safe and be good. :)

    DTRAIN619.... and a Happy New Year to you little brother. Big hugs and smooches right back at you. :)

  6. Love the picture!! So pretty.

    Happy new year!!!

  7. Thanks Candice....Happy New Year to you too. :)


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