Late Night Cruisers at Burger King



The Burger King on Nokesville Road, a few miles from here is one of the few places where car clubs and tuners in general can bring their cars and hand out on Friday and Saturday nights.  This store has a huge parking lot and sometimes it’s packed with so many cars where all you can do is cruise until you find a spot to park.


It always really pissed me off when people disrespected the Burger King property by leaving their trash all over the lot, even though there are trash cans everywhere.  Every couple of months the Burger King management gets fed up with having to deal with picking up all the trash after wards in the middle of the night and shut the place down early.  Usually they will call the Prince William County Police to help clear out their lot.


The other day when I stopped there to grab a bite to eat I noticed the sign above.  I guess they’ve gotten fed up again.  I don’t blame them.


Well, it’s off to the doctors tomorrow at 12:30.  They left me a message this morning telling me that they could not find my file.   Probably my fault that they got confused with a name change and my nickname, I sometimes have no clue what name they used to put on my file.

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