Hanging Out With My Sister

I postponed my car chase to tomorrow and spent the day with my sister.

She finally made it to my home after I gave her screwed up directions.  We stopped by Buckland Farm Market first.  It turns out that she used to stop at their previous location and was very disappointed that it had been closed down.

Then we stopped in Warrenton for lunch.   LOL….MMMhhhhhmmmm…Sushi!!

Then stopped at an antique store and at a second hand store.  I kept my eyes out for chairs for my home, but everything I saw was so huge.  What’s up with that?? Don’t they make small furniture anymore?

I had a great time.  We just don’t do this often enough.   It’s a shame because we only live about 11 miles apart.

Then it was time to go to work at Miller’s.  One of my friends was there when I arrived.  He did a few inexpensive modifications to his xB which I think look really nice.




Looks like the rain has finally stopped.  I’m such a happy woman.  I’ll go wash on Sunday, so it will be nice to park in front of my door.

It took me 10 extra minutes to get home because of two accidents.  This is within 10 miles.  It’s sad that people are so careless when driving in the rain.

Well, tomorrow is another day.  Time to catch some winks.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


  1. Please tell me the writing on the bumper doesn't say Ass Berries 4.o

  2. LOLOLOLOL...I was trying to see if you would come back to find out.

    It says Release Series 4.0 :)

  3. Glad you had such a good time with your sister.

    I like the chain around the number plate. Looks like one of my bling chains!

    Have a great weekend Tango!

  4. Joe, I was thinking about you yesterday when I found a jacket at the second hand store that had a silver chain sewn onto it. It actually looked pretty cool. :)

  5. Just looks like ass berries 4.0...doesn't it?

    I always come back.

  6. Guy...yes it does. LOL
    You coming back is really nifty! :)

  7. Ass Berries? Are those the new Crack Berries but full version?

    Oy, had our first snow fall Friday, just a little snow, but wet and slushy, Emerg. services were very busy because people just don't. get. it.

  8. Rose...yep, that's it :)
    Snow? Bring it on 'cause I'm ready this year. We have snow every year and people still don't get it. I think driving in snow and ice lessons should be mandatory.

  9. I wish my sisters and I got to spend more time together. We live about an hour away from each other but life just gets in the way doesn't it? I'm glad you got to see yours.

  10. Gypsy....I know, it doesn't make sense. We see each other more at my Mom's house that each others homes. She lives 5 minutes from where I work at. Something always seems to come up. I will be spending Thanksgiving with her and her family though. That will be nice.


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