The Rain Finally Stopped….Again


No….this isn’t from tonight.  This was taken Saturday afternoon.

It’s been raining all day today.  By the time I was on my way home tonight, it had finally stopped.  It’s 37 degrees outside and my pussy didn’t even try to sneak outside while I was walking in the door.  Smart Girl!! :)

It’s nice and cozy warm in here and I am so, so glad that I got straw surrounding my home to keep it toasty.  I still have a small space behind the steps to block off.  I might just stick a piece of card board back there since I’m fresh out of tarps.

I meant to do go out and do my laundry today, but because of the rain I stayed my butt at home.   Got some knitting done and finished off my paperwork.  Cleaned out the fridge.  Mowed my grass.  Did my nails.  It was a ME kind of day.

Car chases will be a bit slow until after the first of the year.  The lenders seem to mellow out a bit this time of year ever since those two men were shot last year during the holidays. 

T-Jay is supposed to send me a link to his new website where he will be selling his beats tonight.  I hope he will do well.  He sure could use the income.

It’s supposed to be dry and sunny tomorrow, so I guess I’ll do my running around then.

What a Lovely Sunday We Had Today


It’s looking more and more like winter in our neck of the woods. :)



My two boxes. :)


First thing this morning I drove to beautiful Leesburg for a couple of car chases.   It was so beautiful outside and so relaxing…..I just wanted to keep on driving until I couldn’t drive anymore.

At noon I went to work at Millers until five.  Then I treated myself to a lovely dinner at Mimi’s Cafe at half price thanks to the coupon that they sent me. :)


I started off with a cup of Mexican Coffee with a generous shot of Tequila.  It was delicious :) Then spinach dip and a 12 oz steak.

I arrived at home to find my pussy taking over my chair.


Checked up on Blog Land and saw that my sister had added some photos on her site.   She’s also opened a store at Red Bubble .  She takes some really beautiful pictures.  It always puzzles me how I can take a photo of the same thing that she does, but mine never turns out so well.  She’s got a real eye for it.  She has tons of photos…..I just wish she would share more of them. :(

I found the Bromelain at the Vitamin Store on Friday, so I’ve been taking it with the Turmeric since Friday night.  My toothache is almost gone.  This will give me time to chose a dentist instead of picking the first available one off of the provider list.

I couldn’t find any Piperine.  I’ll keep on looking for it.  In the meantime the Bromelain is doing the trick.

I noticed this morning that the purple scarring from the boils is just about gone.  I guess that means I won’t have to buy that concealer makeup for my thigh in case I have to get naked somewhere?

Turmeric (Curcumin) and Black Pepper (Piperine)

CIMG5273 CIMG5274

Every since I started taking Turmeric whenever I feel a boil flaring up, I have had no outbreaks of full blown boils.  I was reading up on it today.

Curcumin, a compound from the herb turmeric, is known for fighting  pain, inflammation and infection. The action of curcumin, and thereby its effectiveness, is increased twenty-fold when it is taken with piperine.

I’ll be stopping by the Vitamin Shop in Manassas today to see what they have available since I don’t have a pepper mill.  If I did, I would ground my own and put it in capsules.

Something else that I’m going to check out while I’m there is bromelain which may reduce swelling, bruising, inflammation. In Germany, bromelain has been approved for these uses by the Commission E since 1993.

The main reason that I want to try this is because I’m working on a toothache. :)  I wonder how much it would cost to have 21 teeth removed.  Will they give me a discount for having more than one or two removed at the same time?  Volume discount?


I hope that everyone had a un-stressful, relaxing holiday yesterday.  I know I sure did.  Had a great dinner at my little sister’s home with my parents and her family.  I ate way too much and really shouldn’t have had that slice of home made apple pie with ice cream, but today is another day :)

The Best Thing About Signing Up For Online Coupons Is……

Not having to pay for food on your birthday.





LOL…if they keep on coming, I won’t have to pay for food for an entire week.

We closed early at the dealership last night and I got home before 9 PM.  I almost had an accident on the way home.  It was very foggy and I almost ran over an idiot that was walking in the street in dark clothing right after I drove on top of a hill.  Scared the crap out of me.  Good thing no one was coming towards me. I still wonder what was on the guys mind. :(  I swerved to avoid him not a minute to soon.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you that celebrate it.  I hope you have a great day and that all involved are kind to each other.  I’m going to my little sister’s at around 3 PM to enjoy a meal with her and her family.  I wish my son could join us, but Wal-Mart doesn’t celebrate holidays.  I feel for him being there today, but at least he does have a job to go to.

Here’s to enjoying today…..’cause tomorrow isn’t promised. :)

I Finally Found A Poang Chair



After e-mailing a few times with Robert on Craigslist yesterday, I now finally have my chair. :)  I was almost late for work because I kept on pulling over on the way to e-mail him back.  People behind me were probably going, WTF?  I really didn’t think I was going to get a chance to pick it up until today, but Robert was kind enough to deliver it to me at Miller’s around 8 o’clock last night.  It fit on the backseat of my xB without any problem.  By 10 PM I was sitting on it drinking a cup of tea. :)

Our dealership is closed tomorrow and I will spend the day at my sister’s in Manassas.  My Mom and Pop will join us there.  I can’t wait. :)

I have a few car chases today and some other stuff to take care of.  The only thing that could possibly happen to make my day would be for the sun to peek out a bit.  Oh well….can’t have everything, eh?

Here’s wishing that all of you have an enjoyable holiday!! :)

Back to Normal

It’s been a rough week, but today I feel awesome!!!  Woohoo….because I hate to be sick!  I think it’s kind of bizarre that after all these years of not getting a cold…..I get one!  I must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time?

I’m still looking for chairs for my tiny living room.  I missed a Poang chair and foot stool for 25 bucks yesterday.

Meanwhile, I have re-arranged my home again to make room for a chair or two when I find them.




It seems huge in here now and I can’t wait to fill up the empty space.  It’s funny that now I don’t feel comfortable in big spaces.

Ever since we went digital I haven’t been able to get certain channels with the roof top antenna.  It was getting on my last nerve, so I picked up a small indoor antenna last Sunday.  That did the trick. Now I get a ton of channels without an extra bill each month.  I don’t really watch much TV, but it usually watches me.  I like the background noise.



LOL….notice the tape measure hanging from the knob.  It helps me to decide whether I need to take something apart to get it through my 24” wide door.

I was catching up on the Tales from Technomadia blog the other day and they mentioned using a  Elgato EyeTV Hybrid connected to their Mac Mini that they use to tune into local HD TV channels.  I started to look for something for the spare laptop  that I have.  I almost bought a Avertv Hybrid Volar Max and found out that I already had the hardware for that laptop, I just never bothered to hook it up.


Now…..if I want to, I can watch TV in the bed. :)


I was catching up on Guy's blog and got to the comments on “The Ears Have It”.  I thought I was going to pee on myself when I read Auntie’s comment about   the The Turd Twister  LOL…for those of you that still exchange gifts during the holidays….this should take care of the person that has EVERYTHING.

Well, It’s Been A Swell Week ……………NOT!!


I thought I had started doctoring on myself in time NOT to get a cold on Saturday night, but it was too late.  By Sunday night I had a full blown cold…..the first one in years.  It got so bad that I took off from work on Monday and Tuesday.  I slept 17 hours on Tuesday.

I really should have stayed home Wednesday too, but I just couldn’t take any more days off.  Apparently, Alka Seltzer Cold doesn’t work for me anymore. :(   Jeremy at Miller’s told me that Tylenol was helping  him, so I picked up some and it’s doing the trick. 

I’m happy that the car chases were slow this week so that I didn’t have to cancel any of them.  I’ve got a few lined up for Sunday so far and will probably be back in tip top shape by then. :)


What a nice feeling to have the sunshine warm my back while I’m sitting at my computer.  It’s going to be a great day….I just know it.

Cyndi, Ken, little Asia, Scott, and I had dinner after I got off of work at Tommy’s Place last night.  LOL…Cyndi took our picture.

Tommy's Place 11.14.09

That’s a Captain Morgan and Coke that I’m nursing there.  Yes, I know “Where is the Grey Goose?”.  I only wanted ONE drink and figured that this would last longer than straight shots of Vodka.

Can you believe how empty this restaurant is on a Saturday night?  Amazing….every other place would be packed at 7:30.  They have great food and I really don’t know why it doesn’t stay busy.  We have had SE car club meets here plenty of times.  It’s one of the few restaurants that can usually seat us together on weekends.

I was home around 10 and started playing doctor.  Hot tea and Alka Seltzer Cold Plus to stop this cold I feel coming on.  Hopefully I caught it in time.  I feel fine this morning except for an occasional cough.

I stopped by the cashier’s office at out dealership the other day and saw that Sharon was getting busy putting up holiday decorations for Thanksgiving.


She does this for every holiday.  It’s always cheery to stop by her office. :)

Still no luck on finding chairs for my living room.  Maybe I’ll find something today while I’m out doing my laundry.  It’s a beautiful day and there ought to be some yard sales going on in my travels.  I’ll have to remember to take my tape measure with me. :)

Hanging Out With My Sister

I postponed my car chase to tomorrow and spent the day with my sister.

She finally made it to my home after I gave her screwed up directions.  We stopped by Buckland Farm Market first.  It turns out that she used to stop at their previous location and was very disappointed that it had been closed down.

Then we stopped in Warrenton for lunch.   LOL….MMMhhhhhmmmm…Sushi!!

Then stopped at an antique store and at a second hand store.  I kept my eyes out for chairs for my home, but everything I saw was so huge.  What’s up with that?? Don’t they make small furniture anymore?

I had a great time.  We just don’t do this often enough.   It’s a shame because we only live about 11 miles apart.

Then it was time to go to work at Miller’s.  One of my friends was there when I arrived.  He did a few inexpensive modifications to his xB which I think look really nice.




Looks like the rain has finally stopped.  I’m such a happy woman.  I’ll go wash on Sunday, so it will be nice to park in front of my door.

It took me 10 extra minutes to get home because of two accidents.  This is within 10 miles.  It’s sad that people are so careless when driving in the rain.

Well, tomorrow is another day.  Time to catch some winks.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

Rain, Rain, Please Go Away

It’s been raining none stop for two days and there will be no sunshine until possibly Sunday.  I don’t do rain too well.  It’s depressing and I hate driving in it because of the glare issue that I have.  Good thing I got all the straw covered before it started. :)

I’ve been busy looking on Craigslist on a good deal for one of these.

poang chair Poang stool

Actually I need to look at these in person in the IKEA store to make sure they are not to large.  I’m thinking two chairs and one stool.  It’s funny, but if I would have looked on Craigslist a week ago I could have found a dozen of these.  Looks like everyone, especially in Maryland was trying to sell them.  

I did go to a guys house this morning to check on two wicker chairs, but they were way to big.  Don’t think I could have even gotten them through the door.

I chatted with the man for a while.  He is a US Marshall….very interesting man.  So we were talking and all the sudden he asks me if I was in law enforcement.  The first thing that came to my mind was that my jacket didn’t cover my handgun that I carry in the inside of my waistband.  I asked him what made him say that and he pointed to my boots.  LOL….Bates Boots….the best walking and most comfortable boots I’ve ever found.  I get them out of a catalogue for law enforcement officers.

I sure have enough space for a couple of small chairs  now that my butt ugly (I like that name…can you tell?) sofa bed is history.




I’ll probably move my office to the right side and use the left for the living room.

LOL….my sister might be coming over on Friday and I don’t have anywhere for her to sit.  I might have to ask Cyndi and Kenny for a folding chair.

Check out those  swell window decorations….aren’t they butt ugly?  They remind me of Motel rooms.   Wonder who came up with that idea?  Somebody told me it had to be a man.  Well, I think I will cover them with a different color material the first chance I get…or totally remove them.

Time to hit the sack.  It sure is nice and snuggly warm in here. :)

Straw Install and Sofa Bed Removal

This day did not start out so well, but it turned out to be absolutely swell :)
This morning I spent about 4 hours online trying to research on how to get my butt ugly sofa bed out of my home. 
As you know my home is a travel trailer and usually the  sofas are bolted to the floor.  I went to one of the forums that I frequent for answers on how to unbolt it.  I opened the sofa bed to find some place where it was bolted on but couldn’t  find anything at all and finally figured that it must be bolted from underneath or bolted to the wall.  Finally I tried to pick it up a bit to see and found out that it was not bolted to ANYTHING.
Well, that sure was a waste of time!
I opened the door to get my tape measure out of the Evil Twin, when my pussy escaped.  Luckily she acts more like a dog than a cat and came inside when I called her a while later.  She doesn’t go too far so I could always see her when I peeped out of the door.
I moved the sofa from the wall and measured it to get an idea of how I was going to get it out of the door.  I didn’t see a way since my door is exactly 2 ft. wide.
I called Reines RV Center and they gave me the number of the manufacturer, after I told them that I was sitting here with a hammer to see if I would have to tear it up to get it out.  Keystone customer service told me that I would have to take it apart to get it out.  I should have asked them how.
Meanwhile my straw came.  Two men drove up in  a truck and trailer from Buckland Farm Market with the 70 bales of straw that I had ordered.  I was under the impression that they would just stack the straw up in the yard, but these guys helped me place each bale around my home.  I was such a happy woman….it would have taken me a couple of days to do this myself. 
After they finished, I first decided that was was going to cover the straw with tarps tomorrow, but it got so dark and humid outside.  Even though the weather report didn’t call for rain, it sure looked like it was going to.  So, I spent the next hour covering every inch of straw up so that it wouldn’t get soaked with rain.
I think that now I have my home insulated enough to not have to worry about the heat escaping through the floor and also not to have to worry about my black water tank freezing and cracking. 
Kenny came by while I was working with the straw and helped me with my butt ugly sofa bed.  We tried all kinds of ways to get it out of the door, but she wouldn’t budge.  We had just about given up when Kenny figured out that we could pull up the back of the sofa and take it completely off.  This made the sofa just small enough to get it out of the door.
Tonight I’m happy to say that my butt ugly couch has a new home at Kenny’s house.  :)

Here is Kenny on top of his roof, checking on a leak, scaring the crap out of me.  I was having visions of him falling through the roof into the house.
Even though it’s not all that cold tonight, I can feel the difference of the straw.  Normally it stays pretty chilly about a foot off of the floor and I constantly have cold feet.  None of that tonight! :)
Oh….it never did rain today.  Go figure.

Buckland Farm Market Saves the Day :)

Finally a whole day off.  It’s about time and it was the perfect day for it!  It’s 5 PM and it is still 70 degrees outside.  When I was driving earlier, the sun was burning my skin.

I got a lot of stuff done today.  The first thing I did this morning was wash both propane bottles.  One of the bottles was empty so after it was all clean, I put it behind the seat in the Evil Twin.  The tanks were filthy after all these summer months outside and uncovered.  I wanted them all clean for when I put the new vinyl cover on them.

I stopped by Buckland Farm Market to talk to Bill about the straw bales that I needed to use as skirting for my trailer.  Bill gave me an awesome deal and will even deliver them to my home.  He will either send them sometime late this afternoon or sometime next week.  I am such a happy camper.  After these are installed, I will truly be ready for a worry free winter! :)

After getting a few veggies and a loaf of Apple Walnut Bread, I went to check on my mail and pick up some cream for my coffee.  Then I went and had my propane bottle refilled at a gas station on the way back home.  I was really hoping that I could get the refill at Buckland Farm Market, but Bill told me that they are not yet set up to sell propane refills.  Hopefully in the future.  That would be great.  I’d much rather leave my money there than at a gas station.

Here is a photo of my propane bottles covered with the vinyl cover.  I think it will be much easier to work with than the hard cover.


My little pussy is worn out.  She was outside with me while I was wrapping the last bit of water hose with bubble wrap and removing items from the sides of the trailer to get ready for the straw bales.  She had such a good time chasing bugs and leaves and climbing the trees. 

When I took her back inside she went straight for her litter box.  Made me laugh that she doesn’t want to poop and pee outside in the yard.  Then she dived for her food.  LOL…She’s now laid out on the sofa dozing.

This is my pussy every morning after I get out of the shower.



She spends about 20 minutes sitting in there….looking around.  I have no idea what the fascination is.  Maybe she likes to sit there because the floor is warm from the hot water?

Well, I’m going to fix myself a cup of Bigelow’s Vanilla Chai Tea, with raw sugar and canned milk, vacuum  and call it a day.  :)

Lunch at Mom’s


^^^^LOL….this is what happens when we descend on Mom’s house for lunch.


Mom had prepared an awesome spread of boiled potatoes with a cucumber sauce ( I think it’s made with yogurt and spices) , fava beans with carrots and onions, a fruity salsa, cranberry preserves and delicious grilled fish.


Desert was cherry cake and cheese cake and coffee with vanilla ice cream of course!!!

It was great being together again.  We had lots of shared memories and lots of laughs.  I was shocked when my Mom told us of an incident that happened with my middle sister and myself when we were teens, that I have absolutely no memory of.  Mmmmm….selective amnesia???  How can my memory be so bad about some of the things that have happened in my life.  This is really bizarre and really has me puzzled.


^^^^Look!!!  My Aunt Kaethe brought me a bottle of my very own sugar beet syrup.  I’m going to have to hide it from myself. :)

I was having such a great time, I hated to leave, but it was time to go to work at Miller’s.  I made it there with two minutes to spare.

Get Together at Mom’s House


Sun setting last night.  I’ve noticed that if I crop the photo after I take it, it turns out kind of fuzzy….or am I imagining it? 

I’ve got one car chase to do today.  Then it’s off to Mom’s house.  My aunt Kaethe and uncle Dieter are here for a five day visit from Germany.  They are on their way to Florida.  My little sister and I will be going to meet them for lunch today.

I’m looking forward to it.  It’s not often that we all get together.

It looks like I will have this coming Sunday off.  The weather is going to be awesome and it will be a good time to bubble wrap the rest of the water hose and do a few other things outside. 

I stopped at Reines RV Center to check out their new parts department.  I found a heavy duty vinyl cover for my propane tanks.  The hard plastic cover is a real pain to get over those two tanks….especially when I have to switch tanks in the middle of the night at 20 some degrees.  It seems like I can never line both tanks up just right to slip that hard cover over them.   Hopefully this vinyl cover will solve that problem.

While I was there, I shouldn’t have, but I looked at some of the trailers on their lot.  Damn….I wish I would have bought a smaller one.  It’s funny, but when I bought the Springdale that I have now, I thought it would be hard to live in anything smaller than this after living in a three bedroom townhouse.  Now after a year and a half of living in 312 square foot worth of space and downsizing my “stuff” to only things that I use, I can see that I would have no problems in living in even less space.  Last night I was thinking of pulling in both slides to shrink some of the space in here. I have one slide for the bedroom and one for the living/dining room area.  It would also prevent heat loss which I know I have with the slides.

When I got home I looked at the slides.  If I close the slide for the living/dining room, I would lose some major cabinet space in the kitchen, so that wouldn’t work to well.  The bedroom might be possible, but then I don’t think I would be able to open the drawers and the closet.  I’ll have to measure them.  The bed sits on a box type base which has storage space under it and is accessible from the outside.  I could remove the box and get a smaller bed.  I’ll have to mull it over for a while.

I know one thing for sure, I am going to get rid of the hide-a-bed in the living room.  I can’t stand it and it’s the most uncomfortable piece of furniture I’ve ever had.  I never sit on it and it just takes up space.  LOL….Taking it out of my home would be time consuming since I think that my home was built around it.  I would have to dismantle it into small pieces to get it out of the door.

I’m still undecided on what to do about skirting.  I figured out that it would take about 60 bales of straw to totally close up the underside.  I already have enough tarp to cover the bales with.  I’ll stop by Buckland Farm Market to see how much that would cost me.  Then I’ll have to figure out a way to get it over here.

Lots of things to think about.  It sure helps to write them down. :)

Went to Boston









I just love those one lane bridge :)……NOT!


Well not Boston Boston, but Boston, Virginia.  From there I went to Culpeper.  There I was slowed down to a crawl due to an armed robbery that happened this morning at a little store.  There were local and state police out in full force slowing down the traffic to make way for an ambulance and fire truck.  Apparently the guy shot the cashier in the arm.  They ended up taking him to Charlottesville in a helicopter.

Finally I got to Dumfries then off to Fairfax and then to Bristow.  It was a long day.  I finished just in time to go to Millers to punch in. 

LOL….I wish I could have taken a photo of the lit up sign in the median of Rt. 123.  It said “It’s Beer Breeding Season”, but I was going to fast.

No car chases for tomorrow yet….but then they have a habit of sending them to me in the middle of the night.

I was just about attacked by my poor pussy when I finally made it back home tonight.  She’s here sitting on my shoulder and hasn’t left my side since I got in. I feel pretty bad about leaving her alone at home all day. :(  Maybe tomorrow won’t be so crazy.


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