The year is flying by…

I just finished reorganizing my files.  Before you know it, it will be tax time again.  I like to have everything all organized and easy to find, since I have a tendency to wait for the last minute to file. I don’t know why I do that year after year, but I’ve accepted it and just try to work with it to make it as fast and easy as possible.

I had two chases this morning.  The sky was pink and blue when I left home.




Then I found this when I got back home


LOL….. a stick with legs.

The bubble wrap that I put inside my kitchen cabinets is falling down, so I’ll have to think of something to keep it up.  Duct tape comes to mind, a better grade than what I have now.  The cheap stuff doesn’t work so well.  I don’t want it to be too permanent so that I can remove it if I want to.  Does anybody have any ideas??


  1. What about masking tape?

    The sky looks amazing in those photos.

  2. I have some masking tape, I'll give that a try. It is really hard to make anything stick to these walls.

    I didn't want to put a lot of holes in the walls so I tried sticking pictures on them with all kinds of stuff. So far the only thing that stuck was heavy duty velcro.

    Since the bubble wrap is so light, masking tape might work. We'll see. :)

    Sometimes I'm really amazed that my camera can produce such incredible photos. I wish it would do that well at night.

  3. Teri...I have about 4 ft of Velcro left. That is the only thing that seems to stick to these walls. It's just so hard to get off afterwards.

    Joe...Masking tape isn't working either. :( I was hoping, but no.


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