Waiting On Popcorn & Winterizing My Home Some More

Last night I was making some popcorn and Silly came racing across the room to watch the kernels pop.  So, turns out that she likes it.  Only thing is, it takes her forever to eat one piece since she doesn’t seem to like the hull.  She uses her paws like hands to maneuver the popcorn around to be able to eat just the white part.  It’s a real trip to watch.  Here’s a little video I made with my Flip Camera of her waiting for the machine to stop.

More Winterizing……

I’ve had a 1x1 ft piece of bubble wrap stuck to my living room wall.  It’s been up there for days.  I was trying to see if it would stay put.  So far, so good.  Time to empty by kitchen cabinets and cover the inside walls with bubble wrap.  This would have been a major ordeal in the townhouse a couple of years ago, but since I have only stuff that I need and use up there, it should not take too long.



Tadaaaa……all finished and what a huge difference that makes.  There must not be any kind of insulation at all behind that wall.  Now all I have left are  the bottom cabinets.

My dear son, T-Jay, will come over on Sunday to help me rig up the skirting and wrap the pipes that froze up last winter………after that, let the freezing begin.  I’m ready :)


Motion Activated Outdoor Light

My motion sensor activated battery operated outdoor LED light came in last week.  I put it up beside the door yesterday and it makes a world of difference.  No issues trying to get the key in the door in the dark last night. :)


  1. I can't see the video on my computer but I'm impressed with the bubble wrap. Your son better watch out though, or he'll end up wrapped up in it too! :D

  2. Joe....yes, I'm impressed to. Wish I would have known about it LAST winter. :)

    Ha, I know he's going to laugh his butt off when he sees all of it. I might make a good windbreaker jacket. Nevermind...don't give me any ideas.

  3. So with all the bubble wrap, I guess we can say you live in a bubble now. haha Let me know if you need anymore bubble wrap ;)


  4. Aaron....lol..my sister calls me Bubble Girl. Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can wedge some of it around the black water tank.


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