Sushi For Breakfast

sushi woman

LOL….no, not this^^^^


….but this!! ^^^^

Sushi for Breakfast is the best!!!  I wish I could have it every day!!

Below is from last week in Culpeper





LOL….People in restaurants sure look at me weird when I pull out my camera and take pictures of my food.

Monday sure seems to come faster when you don’t have weekends off.  I didn’t even make it to Miller’s to work yesterday.  I was on the road all day chasing cars and doing commercial inspections. 

All of them are finished except for one because I can’t seem to get a hold of the owner of the store.  I’ll try again tomorrow morning.     If I still can’t get in touch with the owner tomorrow, I’ll just take pictures of the outside of the store and send it in as is.

Last week Donna wrote about her Asian Lady Beetle issues.  Two days later I had a bunch of them flying around here.


A few got inside my home and my pussy was going nuts chasing them all over the place.  Apparently they don’t smell good or taste good to her since she just chases them, catches them and then bats them around.

Except  for my upcoming doctors appointment, life is good!!

Sushi for breakfast

Tires are full of air

Paperwork is done

Didn’t have to do laundry today….woohooo!!

Time to get ready for work.  Have an awesome day everyone! :)


  1. Whoa, dude, you've been a busy girl!
    wonder why you're not showing up in my reader!

    Yeah, socks, get lots! Then get more!

    Sushi? You'd need a sledge hammer to get that stuff past my teeth!

    I know, I know, everyone loves sushi, I'm askeered of sushi, man, its RAW!

    Love the socks post title !

  2. can you use sledgehammer and teeth in the same sentence???????????

  3. I'll pass on the Sushi thanks!! You won't get me eating raw fish thanks, or ladybirds.

  4. Joe....not all Sushi consists of raw fish.

  5. Well it feels as though I've had recent experience with said combination of wrecking tools and teeth, so I guess I've grown comfortable with it : D

  6. Rose...yes I know, but still! Ha, It makes my teeth hurt when I read it.


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