Last Day Of Doom And Gloom

After days and days of Doom and Gloom as Guy would say it, it looks like we will finally have some sunshine tomorrow or late this afternoon.  I’m such a happy camper.  I need my sunshine!!!  It’s been raining every day for most of the past week and my front yard has turned into pudding.  I’m surprised that I can still park at my door.

Friday night Aaron stopped by after I got home and brought me two huge bags of bubble wrap….so the saga continues.  Thank you Aaron. :)


I have some heavy duty Velcro left over and think I’m going to cut it into strips to hold the bubble wrap up on the inside of the kitchen cabinets.

Of what I have insulated so far, most of the kitchen cabinets and all the windows, has helped a lot.  It’s been nice and comfy inside during this cold spell that we’ve been having, without me having to run the propane heat.  Last winter I could not have managed it.

On the way to work yesterday morning I noticed a bunch of police cars at my townhouse, where my son is staying at.  By the time I went out to lunch, around 3 PM, the road was blocked off, police were everywhere, including S.W.A.T.

I texted T-Jay to see if he was okay and to find out what was going on.  He told me that a mother and son, right across the street from the townhouse had gotten into an argument.  When it got violent, the mother called the police.  This is what was in the local paper:

Police are dealing with a barricade situation in the 8800 block of Teakwood Court outside Manassas and neighbors have been asked to evacuate.

Prince William police spokeswoman Erika Hernandez said it started at 9:30 a.m. this morning when a 37-year-old assaulted his mother during an argument.

When officer arrived and tried to talk to him, the man went into his room and has refused to come out.

Hernandez said it does not appear any weapons are involved. But residents in the area have been asked to leave until the situation is resolved.

I was at the dealership trying to see if it hit the news on the TV, but I guess unless it involves a person cutting off another person’s penis, it’s not considered news worthy in Manassas.

This year I intend to make some German eggnog.  It’s not as easy as I thought since it involves grain alcohol, which now is illegal to be sold in Virginia and all it’s surrounding states except for Maryland.


One of my co-workers brought me this bottle on Friday.  Just enough to make one batch.  There’s about a pint left in that bottle.  Tomorrow I’ll try to pick up some double yolk eggs at Buckland Farm Market.  Also some sugar and some vanilla.  It’s been years since I’ve made a batch of this, so this will be my test sample.

Besides drinking it around the holidays, in Germany we pour it over very dark chocolate pudding which is sooooo good!! :)

Sean posted the link to the YouTube video on Facebook last night.  I thought I was going to pee myself.

Cat betrayed his Girlfriend !!by Kamelia Sohaie


LOL….have a great Sunday :)


  1. That cat thing is too funny. Thanks

  2. Damn I can't see the video on this computer!

    I don't think I've ever had eggnog. I don't like eggs, maybe that's why!

    We are having some sunshine too, but it's damn cold!

  3. I'm at work and I can't see it here either. Chuck, our IT guy has the place all secured up.
    LOL....nothing better than raw egg yolks cooked in alcohol.

  4. Ummm, I think the orange cat is the male and the black and white one is the female, but it's still funny

  5. Everclear? You Gemans are TOUGH, that stuff'll peel the paint from your walls!

    Love the kitchen curtains! Gorgeous!

  6. Rose...and it will peel the skin from inside your mouth. Don't worry, it will be deluted. :)
    The curtains changed the whole feel of the kitchen. Much warmer than those crappy looking blinds and that box thingy, what ever it's called, useless thing that covered the blinds.

  7. I have got tears running down my face after watching that video. I've never heard a cat do that before.

  8. Gygpsy...I watched it once and thought it was just funny. Then I watched it again after I noticed the subtitles and seriously cracked up.


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