Google Voice

Everybody that knows me, knows how much I hate to talk on the phone.  I have 450 minutes on my cell phone and I have never, ever used them up….not even gotten close.  I’m so bad about phones that I forget to even check my voice mails for weeks at a time.  I have missed to job assignments because of this.

The only reason I keep a phone is for emergencies and to get my e-mails.  I lay the phone on the passenger seat and have enlarged the fonts so that I can easily see them.  This way I can glance over and see if it’s something I need to pull over for or not.

Of course when people started to talk about launching Google Voice I signed up right away. 

Yesterday I finally received my invitation.  I installed it and even got to keep my own number.

Today I received a call while I was driving.  It was an unknown number so I didn’t answer it.   A couple of minutes later I received an e-mail.  The call was from a recording reminding me of my upcoming doctor’s appointment.

I guess I won’t be missing any more important calls. :)

Problem solved.   Now, back to finding that $1,700 I need for Wednesday. :(


  1. Sounds handy!

    My ADHD little brain could totally use that kinda help!

    Makeover? You don't need no stinkin' make over. Neither does your Mom.
    (Just read your last post too, you're a good daughter)

  2. Rose...LOL....just think, I may never have to answer my phone again...ever! :)


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