Buckland Farm Market Revisited

I stopped by Buckland Farm Market a few weeks ago when they first opened.  Yesterday I stopped by to see it again. 




This Massey Harris tractor on display, looks like brand new.



This nice couple had the best seats in the house.


There have been lots of changes since that first day.  They are now in full October/Halloween mode and you see orange everywhere you look.  It’s an awesome sight.  The parking lot was full of cars.  The displays are finished.  Pies, cakes, rolls and breads were ready and disappearing fast. 



Customer service is what I remember it is supposed to be like.  Friendly, smiling, and helpful.  Bill was busy in the vegetable section and also making sure that the folks that wanted coffee, got some.  Sherry was busy in the kitchen baking up pumpkin pies that were sold before they even hit the shelves.

I looked at the coffee section, but was not familiar with the brand.  I wanted really, really dark roast and had to ask which type to get. 


How is this for dark roast? 

I also bought some multi grain bread, butter, and double yoked eggs.


Breakfast fit for a queen. :)

I had gotten there too late for the Zucchini Nut Bread, so I asked Sherry when she would have it available again.  She told me that she would bake me a loaf  before they closed last night.  True to her word, when I went back a second time around 6 PM, there was a freshly baked loaf waiting for me….still warm. :)

Please, don’t anyone ask what happened to that loaf!!! :(


  1. Thanks so much for all of the great pictures! You taking the time and thinking enough of us to do this really means alot! We hope to see you again soon!
    Laura (Bill & Sherry's daughter)
    for Buckland :-)

  2. Hi Laura...thanks for stopping by.
    It's my absolute pleasure. Places like this with warm, friendly people and awesome customer services are a rare find these days. :)

    Terry, if I could walk a straight line from behind my house, I could probably be at their front door in 15 minutes.

  3. So, Tango, what happened to that loaf?

  4. Guy...LOL>...I knew when I wrote that, that you would be the one to ask.
    I ate the whole thing before I went to sleep. Couldn't help myself. I'm so glad that it was a small loaf. :)

  5. I just had some Cinnamon Crunch bread from Buckland Farm Market.

    I think I'm addicted to it ;)


  6. Aaron....Cinnamon Crunch Bread???? I didn't see that. Is it really crunchy??
    Nevermind, don't tell me!!!

  7. Try the cranberry orange nut bread loaf. It's beyond fabulous! Got a loaf on Saturday and ate the last slice this morning with a hot cup of tea. Uummm, Yummy.

  8. Sue...I stopped by there yesterday to pick up some cauliflower and it took me almost an hour to get out of there. I kept on being drawn to the bread department. :) LOL..I have to remember to bring a grownup!!


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