39 Degrees This Morning

….and a comfortable 65 inside with the help of my little electric heater.  The nice thing is, that the heater was not running when I got up so I know the heat is staying inside instead of flying out of the windows.   Usually it takes a while in the morning to get comfortable enough to take a shower etc.

I sure do appreciate the people that bubble wrapped their windows for sharing this on the web.

Yesterday morning I screwed up and made coffee, had the heater on, and was blow drying my hair.  I’m such an idiot…..I know better.  So I tripped one of the breakers and couldn’t get it to reset for some reason.  I thought that the breaker at Kenny’s had tripped, but he later told me that it didn’t.  I can’t figure out why I couldn’t reset it.  Does it need off time before it resets???  Since when the shore power is off, only the lights and refrigerator work on battery power, I couldn’t work from home. I finished my car chases and had a nice visit with my Mom and then went straight to work at Miller’s.  When I got home last night, everything was back on.


Oh Guy, I sure thought that this jar of Miss-Bee Haven would last me a long time. :)


Just kidding….. My Mom loves it and I had to share.


Well, off to chase a couple of Mobile Homes.  Should be interesting.  One of the addresses goes to a Condo.  I wonder where they are keeping the Mobile Home? In the parking lot?


  1. They could be keeping the Mobile Home at a storage yard, or someone's else's house that has a spot...Good luck on finding it ;)


  2. I guess I'll need to order more containers and get working in the lab again making more creams ; )

  3. Aaron....turns out they gave me the wrong address, but the right person. So I went and took a bunch of photos of the condo. :)

    Guy...yet, you better get busy :)
    .........so, do you get dressed up when you go into your lab?

  4. I'm glad the bubble wrap is working out ok. Does it make the place darker inside?

  5. Joe...no, not at all. The bubbles are large and you can see through them. I can see outside and the sunshine can come in.


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