This is the kind of results you get when you have a “real” camera….

Wilber's soccer game 055


Wilber's soccer game 056

…….a camera that costs more than 300 bucks, weighs more than a pound, and doesn’t fit in your pants pocket.

Wilbur, one of our sales managers at Miller’s took this photo from the dealership last week.

Yesterday was a killer.  I got up at 4 AM to get started early before the traffic got out of control.  I knew I had to go through some major road construction to get to the first site.  It took 5 hours to photograph and document 61 pieces of heavy construction equipment on three different sites.  Luckily the sites  were only a few miles apart.  The third site was a construction site with nothing but sand and dust surrounding the equipment.  I took close to 500 photos and have two more sites to go to.    Since it’s raining today, I will do that on Monday.  Good thing I took both cameras because one of them ran out of juice.

When I left the third site, I pulled over in a paved area and took a towel to clean myself up, before going on two car chases.  I had sand and dust everywhere.  LOL…..You can imagine what the Evil Twin looks like today.


I had just enough time to go back home, rip off my dusty, sandy clothes and jump in the shower before I headed to Miller’s. 

Today I have three car chases way out in Stafford and it’s raining like crazy.  I’m hoping that it will stop soon.  I don’t enjoy driving in this mess.


  1. Sounds like heavy going Tango. I hope you manage to get some relaxation time over the weekend.

    Those photos are AMAZING.

  2. Your equipment photo makes me feel right at home!

    Hope you got the evil twin all tidied up by now! Tsk.

  3., not this weekend, but I'm planning on relaxing the first weekend in October.

    I'll remember to tell Wilbur that his photo is a hit. :)

    Rose.... Don't you love the look, smell and sound of heavy equipment? It's a real turn on :)

    The Evil Twin is now worse than yesterday. It's been raining, so the dust and dirt mixed with water is now on there real good. She looks like crap and I can't stand it. Will have to remedy that tomorrow night after work...I hope!!

  4. thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos - tell Wilbur that you have made him famous!!!

    and girl - i sure do hope that you get some time to take it easy soon!

  5. Hi Kymber. How is the canning coming???

    Lol....yes I told Wilbur.

    Mmmmhhhh, take it easy? Maybe on the first Sunday next month.

  6. Beautiful photos! Sounds like you are busy, as usual!

  7. Joe...I haven't had time to do anything the last couple of days.
    Oh well, It'll slow down a bit once I get this assignment over with.


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