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Now you see why I had to keep the bubble wrap outside last night?  LOL….The crinkle noise would have kept me up all night.  She’s been playing in it non stop ever since I got home.  I’ve gotten her a ton of toys that she doesn’t play with… look at her!

I just finished putting a second layer of bubble wrap in all the windows.  I also stuffed some behind the air condition filter in the ceiling.  Sometime this week I will pull everything out of the kitchen cabinets and find a way to cover the back walls.  Wonder if water works to make it stick just like the windows.  I always feel the coldness standing in the sink area when it freezes.

It was cloudy last night, but I still love these photos.  Too bad the blue color didn’t come out right.



Tomorrow I have two car chases.  Then I’m meeting a gentleman that will help me locate 69 pieces of heavy construction equipment.  I talked to him this morning and he told me that the majority is located in two places.  I was glad to hear that.  I’m meeting him at 6:30 AM in Chantilly and I wonder what the traffic going east will be like.  I guess I’ll leave home at 5:30 just to make sure.

Things that I need to take with me, both charged cameras, a spray bottle with water and some towels.  The water and towels are to clean and wipe the VIN and serial number plates so that I can get a clear photo.

I’ve been playing with Windows Live Writer to write my blog.  So far so good.  I really like it and it’s easy to use.  The only thing is that I can’t get on it from another computer.  Because of that I will use the old way to post when I post from work.

Time to figure out a way to hide the bubble wrap from the pussy. :)


  1. Beautiful pics Tango! Even without the blue, they're lovely.
    Silly does look like she's having a great time, and I can't commiserate, this AM my damn cats knocked a pitcher of milk off the counter and made a HUGE mess, they are also slaying tiny baby frogs, little tiny quail, and bringing me mice whose heads they have gnawed off.
    A little romp in the bubble wrap don't sound too bad LOL.

  2. Thanks Rose :)

    Sorry about your feline troubles. Make me happy that mine is an indoor cat, but she does give bugs a hell of a time before she offs them.

  3. Does your cat ever get to go outside or is she one of "Those" cats?

  4. Yes, she's one of "Those" cats. She wouldn't be able to survive the cold, nor the rains.
    When I first got her, I used to take her out on a leash. One day the ground was wet. She didn't like that at all and hasn't even tried to get outside ever since.

  5. What a bunch of cute pix of Ms Esyld. I am going to steal one for my blog tomorrow! Glad the wrap is helping, and good you are so industrious! You go girl!

  6. Aw Silly looks so cute. Don't worry Tango, my dogs are those kinds of dogs too. The other day it was pouring with rain and I just stopped short of holding an umbrella over them while they did their business because they kept refusing to stand out there in the rain. I knew they needed to go and there was no way it was happening in the house. You gotta love pets though.

  7. That cat looks so cute! I would have thought the crackling noise would have frightened her?

  8. Teri.....LOL.... go right ahead. :)

    I just have to do what I have to do to be comfortable in my wallet this winter. I still have to figure out what I'm going to do about skirting, but I'll think of something. :)

    Gypsy....I hear ya. They're like our OTHER kids. Got to take care of them.

    Joe.... I thought she would be scared too, but noooo! She wants to play in it.


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