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Back in July,The Guy Who Writes This wrote about the cream and lip balm that he makes using bees wax and meadowfoam seed oil. I received a sample of both in the mail two days ago. I'm loving both of them!! :)

The cream reminds me of candle wax at first. Then after a few minutes the heat from my body warms it up and I can rub it in nicely. It stays on for many hours and I don't have the need to re-apply it every twenty minutes. Mine is slightly scented...so it has three ingredients, bees wax, meadowfoam seed oil, and the scent. Pretty amazing when you put this cream next to a jar of so called natural creams with a long list of unpronounceable ingredients.

I'll be curious to see how it works when winter comes, along with cracked elbows, hands and feet. :)

In other news....Aaron dropped off a bag of large bubble wrap last night. Thanks Aaron. I'll be doing the rest of my windows tomorrow before work. BTW....I have to get some motion sensor lights for the front of my home. You scared the crap out of me last night.


Got one car chase in Woodbridge lined up for tomorrow which I might or might not be able to do due to a non existing physical address. Looks to me like it is in Alexandria and I won't go that way. I really don't like to go east any further than Fairfax and it's out of my zip code area anyway. Hopefully my client get that address straightened out.

Yesterday was interesting. I had to go to Stafford and took a wrong turn. Gloria Spencer Pain (GPS) recalculated and sent me 15 minutes out of the way. Weird since usually she tells me right away to make a U-Turn. Anyway....so I'm going down this road which then turns into pot holes and gravel for quite a few miles when I see this pickup truck sitting in the middle of the so called road. I get closer and there is not one sitting in it. Not a soul in sight anywhere. I ended up turning around in the 1.5 lane and driving all the way back to the main road.

Then to top that, a couple miles down the road, there is a sign telling me that the road I'm on is closed.

LOL...fun times! :)


  1. Glad you got your Bubble wrap even if you got scared to death!

  2. LOL...thanks Joe, so do I. I really am going to check on a motion sensor light. I hope I can find one that uses batteries...no wiring.

  3. Thanks for the plug Darlin. Heather loves it, too. It's good stuff. I use it every day.

  4. You're welcome :) I use it everyday too now.

  5. i love that stuff. i have a limited edition scent for the balm.
    our whole family loves the vanilla lip balm. guy is awesome.

  6. Yes, he is :)
    I can't wait to let my Mom give it a try.


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