Luck Stone in Centreville

All these years, I’ve always told myself that one of these days I would stop by this rock quarry and take some pictures.

Today I chased a piece of equipment that was parked here at this facility.  A young man,  named Brad Johnson, took me for a tour in his truck, so that I could get some photos.

This quarry is now 300 ft deep and will be dug down another 300 ft  before they will close it forever.








This tunnel is just big enough for one of the gigantic Caterpillar truck to go through.  Everyone has to use their  two way radios to announce themselves coming at every turn.  Surprisingly they have never had an accident at this quarry.







That tiny little yellow spot in the middle of the photo above is a giant Caterpillar truck.





This is a picnic and fishing area for the employees.


I haven’t had time for much of anything besides work for the past week.  I’m almost finished with that 69 piece assignment.  Today I went to two more sites to document the last pieces of equipment.  Tomorrow I will spend most of the day organizing the bazillion photos that I took so that my written report will make sense and line up with the photos.

I don’t have any car chases due until Wednesday.  That will give me time to finish this.


  1. Incredible pics Tango. You wouldn't get me going through that tunnel for love nor money.

    That's a beautiful little spot for the employees.

  2. I'd feel right at home there, Tango. Looks like some of my work photos. Quarry work is one of my favorite kinds, no little kids, no grumpy home-owners, no houses to worry about, just working stiffs and the rock.
    That is a nice area for the employees, hope thats not a tailing pond they're fishing out of though, those 3 headed fish are'nt god for much : )

  3. Gypsy....the tunnel wasn't so bad. It's going around the corners and not being able to see what's coming. They actually have mirrors posted in some of the curves.
    Brad said that Mr. Luck takes really good care of his employees.

    Rose....LOL...I thought of you as soon as he mentioned that they have a fulltime certified blaster on site.
    Tailing pond???

  4. Love the photos, and you get a real feel for the size of the place when you see that tiny Caterpillar truck.

    The picnic area looks good too. Hope the restrooms are unisex. ;)

  5. Joe.....Mhhh....didn't see any restrooms.

  6. Hey, one of my longtime Internet friends lives in Centreville! Thanks to her, I got to visit DC for the first and only time in my life. I spent a week there with her, and I wish I could do it again.

  7. Hi Donna. :) Small world, isn't it? Centreville is roughly 10 miles from me.


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